Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Completly on Overload

I don't even know where to start or even how to start to tell you how the last 3 days have been. Feelings are stiring and I am overflowing. Today is our last day at the High school and the last day I will see some precious, precious people.
Last night was crazy madness with rooms wanting pictures upon pictures of the americans with them lol. After attemping to pack and taking tons of pictures I went up to my old room to say goodbye. As I was sitting there talking to them I told one of the girls that next time she came to America (her mom lives in the states) that she needed to let me know and I would come visit. Her eyes swelled up with tears and she couldn't stop crying. "I don't want you to go away." she said. At that I started the flood works as well and then shortly after the majority of the room was crying. I sat there thinking "Lord, I want to see these girls again, if not in this life in the next." I know there was an impact from our stay here and the tears reafirmed that. I am ready to start my journey back to the states and then all the sudden I visit some girls and I could stay here for another month to share the Love of Christ with them. We are going to a hotel to start debriefing the trip tonight and I will probably never see these 15 and 16 year olds again in this life. So I ask you to pray with me that we will see them in the next. Pray that what God have done here will soften hearts enough for Him to be Glorified in their lives.

See you all very soon.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

A movement of the Nations for His name and renown!

Hello to the other side of the world! Ni how ma? (For those of you are wondering what that means it is how are you in Chinese). I am absoutly amazing! God is my joy, my peace, my comfort, and he is my rest.
This weekend was a pretty miraculous weekend. We left the school on Thursday by bus to head to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend. They were having and conference on Friday and Saturday and the Passion KL on Sunday night. It was so great to get to worship God through music this weekend. I really miss getting to do that as often. So many things ended up differently then they were suppose to be here, esp. from our lives in India, but I am so glad it is different in many ways. I love worshiping God through music! It is where I feel that I can best tell about my God and as a friend said speak truth over people. Not getting to do that has been hard. But it my alone time the other day it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like God was saying "Amber, I know you love worshiping through music, but I want you to understand that I am God and I am worthy to be worshiped in all ways. Don't fix your eyes on only one way to worship me For I am worthy of More!" Though this truth has been a hard one to wrap my mind around I praise God for it. And for letting me have a piece of closeness in him this weekend.
As I was talking about the conference this weekened it truly was amazing! God was truly there and MANY MANY MANY lives were changed and accepted the God of life and life in him! When the speaker was counting hands that were raised to say they had accepted Christ I sat there and sobbed like a baby. I didn't think he was ever going to stop counting. I am still in awe and humbled by the power of the Holy Spirit and the way he grabbed hold of so many people this weekend.
On Sunday morning we had the oppertunity to lead worship at a local church in KL. We got a late start and church started ealier then we thought it was starting so our time to practice the set was about 5 minutes. But God's name was magnified that morning. Even though we were tens and stressed and irritated HE was bigger then that. It was like he grabbed hold of us, gave us a huge hug and calmed us all to come into the throne room of Christ. I praise God for the oppertunity to lead worship and to sing the word of God over people. It is such an amazing blessing to be a part of!
Then is was time for the big night. The time had come that so many people in this country were waiting for. Passion Kuala Lumpur had arrived and let me say right here and now that not just the conference of passion arrived with musicians and a speaker and sound guys but GOD arrived and met us there! There was a croud of about 4000 people from all over the world praising one God. In a place where I have definetly realized that Christianity in the minority it was indescrible to see that many people meeting the Heavenly Father. I still really don't have words to describe it but just know that is was something BIG real BIG for the city and country to get to experience. At every passion event in the beginning we always break off into groups of three and pray. There was a chinese guy in our group and he didn't want to pray because he couldn't speak english very well but we told him to speak in his language. Again I sat sobbing at how beautiful my God is while he prayed. Knowing that that man was praying to the same God I was and that God understood all languages is so so cool! The evening went on with Chris Tomlin, Charley Hall, and a great talk by Louie about a precious girl named Ashley.
As I sit here in the computer lab I have been back at the highschool for about an hour and a half now and filling so refreshed. As many of you know I first felt called to be a part of the mission field at Passion '07 in Atlanta so to get to start the final week of my trip here at Passion brought it all full circle. I have often thought on this trip "Is this really my life? Is God really letting me be here and do these amazing things for His name?" and the question has became even bigger after this weekend. Is this relaly me life? Am I really here? And the answer is- YES! I am here. I am here for another week. There is a reason God had this weekend Planned for us. Because he expects even greater things from us this week... even bigger things then he has already done.
We are coming upon the end of our 40 days in Malaysia very fast and it has been Good and it has been hard. Wierd right that we will have been in this country for 40 days and God has had so many obsticles for us while we have been here. 40 days. WOW! That in itself is Truth spoken over us that this trip was God planed. Is this really my life?~ It is and I praise God for it!

Greater things are yet to come
Greater things are still to be done in this city
Because there is NO ONE like our God!


P.S. I am writing this on Monday even though it says Sunday. lol