Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday | Jerri Oney

Last day. We were so humbled yesterday when we went to a little boy's house. He came to the clinic the day before to get his eyes checked and he was literally almost blind. The family was very poor even by Hondurian standards and could not afford $40.00 for his glasses. Our group leader, Butch, arranged for him to get a real Opthalmologic exam and the glasses ended up costing $200.00 (at cost) because he had such needs. The ministry is going to buy them for him. We went to visit his family after clinic yesterday. He has 2 sisters and a brand new baby brother. The floor was uneven dirt and the house had 2 rooms. The kitchen was outside covered by a tarp and they have no water at all. They walk 5 blocks just to use someone else's bathroom and 7 blocks to wash clothes. We took them food yesterday. We such a great group - we work together so well and have had so much fun together. It is SO rewarding getting to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help these poor people. They wait all day long in the sun and are just SO appreciative. I will miss everyone we have grown close to this week. Off we go to see another 300+ today communicating with our very broken "Spanglish". It hilarious what comes out sometimes! Thank you for your prayers. God us good! Jerri

Friday Morning | Dr. Mark & Becky Waddell

Today is the last day of clinic. We look forward to it with anticipation. We have had 4 days in which we have seen and heard how Good and Mighty God is. While our team has worked well together and each individual member has poured themselves out for the people of Honduras, it is God that is doing the real work. He is preparing hearts, spreading peace, strengthening and providing comfort all around us. Yet most importantly, He is calling people to Himself and drawing His children closer to Him. We pray that everything we do may Glorify God.

Dr. Mark and Becky

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 5 | Darlene Stump

Hola! We have seen 840 patients this week, and 176 have been saved. We don't miss the snow. It's been a good week, and it's hard to believe it's already Thursday. If you can believe this, I have become an optometrist. With help from the interpreters, we have had 142 patients in optometry. Many have never been to an eye doctor and when we give them a pair of glasses, they get this huge smile on their face and begin praising the Lord. They are very appreciative of everything the "medical brigade" has done for them, but realize the "spiritual" is the best medicine of all. Pharmacy has been very busy with 1661 scripts. In dentistry, 56 has been treated. Keep praying for us that God will be glorified and the people can see Christ in us. We love you all. Happy Birthday Avery!

More Pictures

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prison Fire

You are probably waking up and hearing news of a deadly prison fire. That fire is about 12 miles from the site of our clinic and last night we could hear the sirens that went off after 11pm local time. We are all okay, but please remember the families of the 280+ that are so far confirmed dead.

Also today we have been invited into a nearby public school to both see all of the children for medical needs but to also share Christ with them. I'm not so sure that public schools back in the US would be as receptive. Please keep us in your prayers today.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 4 | 60 saved

Today was our second day of clinic here in Honduras. We treated over 290 patients today and there were 60 additional people that came to know Christ as their Savior today. This has been a tremendous blessing. Sorry I have not been able to post more pictures. I have been swamped in the pharmacy but with a lot of help from Pastor Mark, some translators, and others we filled over 700 prescriptions today. I asked my translator today how often these clinics occur in an area and she told me that they might happen a couple times a year if that. I will try to post more in the morning about the events and I'll try to make a better effort to take some more pictures tomorrow.

If you do want to follow this trip on Twitter and see more pictures follow @WOLHealthcare or go to or on Facebook at .

Day 3 | Pictures

Pastor Mark speaking to the patients that showed up for clinic.

The stack of medical records at the end of the day. Something to give you an idea of how many people were seen by the providers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 3 | Jerri Oney

We saw 264 patients today in about 7 hours! They came by the family - not one at a time. We practiced medicine like it's supposed to be-without fear of law suits and very little paper work. The people were so humble and appreciative and the children were just beautiful. Mark and Eric were medicine machines! Cindy had her "first spanish conversation" and she "understood both words!!!" She was trying to say thank you and said you're welcome instead! Oh - and ask her how well fiber one bars work - better yet ask her how 2 of them work!! We had a whale of a bus ride to the village where our clinic was - up the mountain @ 20mph and down @ 80 mph. It was a faith builder for sure. It was a good and productive day and the best part - 58 people accepted Christ as their savior - wow - praise the Lord for His awesome work!

Day 3 | Dr. Mark and Becky Waddell

Hello Church Family!

Today was a very good day! What a blessing it was to serve with our fellow brothers and sisters from GBC as well our new friends. The day went smoothly. Eric, in a personal best, filled over 600 prescriptions and even tutored Pastor Mark in the art and science of Pharmacy. (Eric says he shows real promise.) Over 230 people were ministered to with health care today and 58 of those received Christ as their Savior!! Our family size has increased and God has given that increase. We praise Him for the work that He has allowed us to participate in.

Dr. Mark and Becky

Day 3 | Cindy Hoover

sunday was great jerry got stuck in the boys bathroom at the local town church while mark was practicing his first sermon in espaniol. water overflow on bottom floor at our rooms eric in his devotion to electronics did not fail us thanks

Day 3

Getting ready to head to our first day of clinic for the week. We were told to expect about 1500 patients over the duration of the week.

Had a very good day yesterday at a church service down towards the city. Pastor Mark delivered an excellent sermon. As you looked around the sanctuary you could see tears in the eyes of several people sitting there listening to the translation. I had a unique experience as I started to film portions of the service. As I was holding the videocamera, I looked out of the corner of the eye and I was being photographed while I was taping the service. I figured that was fair.

Yesterday there was a scheduled power outage in the afternoon. Apparently someone from our team turned on the shower, since there was no power, there was no water. After that, they forgot if they had turned it off or not. Yesterday evening, the entire first floor of our dorm was flooded including all of Pastor Mark and Darlene's clothes. We all pitched in and everyone grabbed a broom, mop, squeegee, shopvac, fans, and this morning they have a dry floor. There were clothes dryers available as well, so everything is good. I'll have to encourage Pastor Mark to elaborate on all of his experiences here. I see he happened to leave out one of the more memorable events of yesterday in his blog. :)

Headed out shortly, have a great day!

Day 3 | Mark Stump

Today is the first full day of clinics. Everyone is excited about meeting the people that we will be working with. The mission team has already gelled nicely and works together really well. It began yesterday with the morning worship service together held at a local church. I certainly enjoyed preaching and had a wonderful translator by the name of Samuel. I will be preaching this morning at the mission site to those who are attending the clinic. The local pastor said there could be as many as 1500 people for the week. Continue to pray for us that Christ will be shared and glorified. Oh yes. The weather is very nice.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 2 | Cindy Hoover

God had got us here safely much to learn weather is warm people here are very kind we appreciate your prayers for our journey tomorrow

Day 2 | Darlene Stump

We are here! The weather is beautiful. We had a good night sleep. Pray for us this morning. We will be heading out for church. Mark will be preaching. We have a lot of interpreters. It is a good thing. We definitely need to learn Spanish. God is good. To My students at Little Birch and all of Little Birch Elementary. Have a great week!

Day 2 | Honduras

Good morning. This morning we have our devotional time followed by breakfast. Then we are going to head out to a local church where Pastor Mark will deliver his sermon. This afternoon we will head to the site in La Paz where we will have our clinic Monday-Friday and hope to share about Jesus through medicine. Please keep Pastor Mark and the rest of our team in your prayers. We are expecting around 300 people at church this morning.
We are probably going to be unable to post any video because of the slow internet. Hopefully we can post some pictures from our travels here. Have a good day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

At Camp | Jerri Oney

Today has been extremely smooth for an out of country trip. The flights were on time and uneventful. No rude people. We didn't have to pay for our extra baggage. We got upgraded to first class for no reason (first time for me!) We got through customs without incident. God has blessed us with safety and laughter today.

In Honduras

We have made it safely to Honduras. Currently at the airport , we should have Internet access at camp and will write more later. Thank your for your prayers.

Arrived in Houston

We have arrived in Houston. Leaving for Honduras at 9:30 local time, 10:30 eastern.

In Charlotte

First flight is running on time. Should be leaving here at 6 am.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Honduras - Getting Packed

Hitting the road around 10pm tonight. Leaving from Charlotte first thing in the morning. I'll give a basic overview of our trip a little later on. If you are looking for information about our trip, you have reached the right place. Keep checking back for blog posts from the men and women on this mission trip. We need and appreciate your prayers more than anything else. God will be glorified on this trip and some much needed medical treatment will also be given.

For those in the Gassaway area, we will try to Skype in to Sunday night's service. Can't make any promises though.

Have a great weekend and enjoy reading the story of this mission trip as it happens.