Thursday, June 20, 2019

Day 4 | Casey Bone

Today was more fun than the other days because there was a constant breeze, and we took down more of the walls, I also got to use a crowbar to take off some of the walls. After we took down the walls we put some windows on the back of the house, after that we put a tarp ware we took down the walls, we used staple guns to put it in. I am glad we had wind to day.

Day 4 | Michelle Shaver

We started the floor and it lacks two rows to be complete. We end the day to be back by 430 so whatever is not complete stays that way until tomorrow. There was a breeze today outside making it a little better than several of the other days. We took a quick trip to the Bay and I got my feet wet and watched the kids play in the water. It was a good evening to be out.

Day 4 | Vicki Groff

Mickey has been mean to me this week making me blog every night and then Heath and Jordan try to correct my grammar. It has been fun getting to know the people I go to church with better. We will forever have a bond and be friends. By for now.

Day 4 | Jeff Skidmore

Another great day working at Cowboy Joe’s house. We started installing appliances and hanging doors. Everything is starting to come together. It is sad that tomorrow is our last day before our journey home. I think everyone had a great week and lots of work has been done. I got to meet one lady, Linda Castor that told us about riding out the hurricane in a “pod”. She was on national news and her video went viral. Also we all took a trip to Rockport Beach and Sonics. Till next time. Night all.

Day 4 | Paul Summers

I thought I was done with sanding and painting, but I was wrong. I forgot we would have to put a second coat on the floorboard and doors. That took most of the morning, and I was sent to clean paintbrushes and buckets. Tim is a stickler for perfection—a good quality to have if you are working for God—so it took me a while to get the stuff clean. I started at about eleven thirty, and finished at four. What happened was that Tim saw how great of a job I was doing and decided to let me continue. Or at least, that is what I tell myself. I have had a great time working with my crew, but I am looking forward to coming home.

Day 4 | Tate Roach

Today we worked at Cowboy Joe’s, and to my disappointment, we could not work with him today. We sandpapered and painted all the trim for the 2nd time today. We then had to paint the doors and shelves and screw them into their respective places. Next, we had to clean up and vacuum everything so the electricians, plumbers, and other contractors could do their jobs. Tim told some amazing stories of patience and faith in God, as well, which wrapped and made the day great.

Day 4 | Jordan Skidmore

For our 4th day here in Texas, my group was at the same worksite that we’ve been at all week. Today, Camylle and I learned how to put down flooring. Flooring was a lot more fun to do than cleaning paint brushes all day long. We have one more day of work and then we will be on our way home. This week has been fun but I am ready to be back in West Virginia.