Thursday, June 20, 2019

Day 4 | Bill Morlan

Day 4 is in the books. Not as hot today with a great breeze. The day started with our leader telling me that we would be on the roof today taking off the shingles of the house we are working on. So on our way to our job site, a 45 min drive, I gave a crash course to my van on how to take off shingles. I also told them to memorize the address of where we were working so they could call 911 when I fall though it. So Becka was going over how to get 911 on their phones by using the emergency app on their phone. Then she added but don’t forget to video it because it would be funny. I felt the love of my van. When we got to the job site our leader said he was kidding and we were going to take off the rest of the old siding and put OSB board around the house. As we started to take off the wood, Eric noticed a bunch of termite damage on the wood he was taking off. So on further removal of the wood we found multiple termite damage around the house. Now they have to fix that problem and we just worked on what we could today. We got a lot of work done but not what our leader wanted to accomplish. Tonight we took the kids to the bay so they could swim and hang out on the beach. Been a good day. Dont know what we will do tomorrow but I’m sure it will be hot. Love you Bron, boys and my girls.

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