Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Day 3 | Eric Campbell

Today was another hot one. I checked the temp once - 98 degrees / Heat Index of 115F. We started a new job today working for Juanita. She lives with her granddaughter who has autism. Her house was in pretty rough shape, and honestly, it was likely in rough shape prior to the storm. If there is someone here though that could really use a helping had - it is her. You can tell she is doing everything she can to try and take the best care of her granddaughter and she also told us stories of how she took care of her neighbors on a regular basis. She worked alongside us today as we tore apart her back porch that had a crumbling floor and roof. We tore out siding that had nothing behind it - no insulation and in some places - not even drywall. We won’t see this one completed this week - but she will be receiving all new siding and all new windows for her entire home. I can’t imagine how happy she will be to see that improvement to her home. Even then that happiness pales in comparison to the joy that we have in our salvation through Jesus Christ. I hope through the sweat and heat of the day, we were able to share some of that with her as she worked alongside us today on her own home. Looking forward to heading back to her home tomorrow.

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