Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Day 3 | Becka Campbell

I’ve had a good week so far. Today we started at a new home. Juanita is a sweet lady who lives with her daughter, son in law, two sons and a granddaughter Katie. Katie is a young girl with autism and I thought that was a really neat site for us to be at. I was able to meet Katie and talk to Juanita some about what I do. For those who don’t know, I work with young children with autism spectrum disorders. By profession, I am a behavior analyst focused on early intervention services for children. At work, I focus on helping kids learn to talk. Katie did not talk to us, she did share a few high fives though and then spent most of the day at her aunt’s house. She doesn’t deal well with change (which is very typical for children on the spectrum) so pray for her that she handles the changes we are making. Our goal is to replace siding on the back side of the home and to replace a back covered porch that also functioned as a laundry room. I’m not sure exactly what the next two days have in store for us in terms of rebuilding or replacing but I know that God has a unique plan for our team and I look forward to watching Him work. It has been a really neat week working with Kalyn, Emily, Casey, Matthias, Tracy, Bill and Eric.

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