Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 2 | Logan Morlan

Another day down and already I feel like the week is over, things are going by way to fast this happens every mission trip. I very much enjoy working on these trips and it always makes me sad to think that I am running out of time to do more. Today we painted at Cowboy Joe’s house and as many know I have been fired from jobs because I can’t paint but God preforms miracles every day. I was given probably one of the best compliments I have ever gotten on a job today, our crew “foreman” told me that I was a great crew leader and that I helped motivate everyone. In all my years of actual mission’s I have never been able to say that I am the leader of a crew and for someone to tell me that was huge to me. Then more missions I do the more I notice that less and less of the same people return for another trip and one day I will actually be a leader of a crew and it will be up to me to lead whoever I have under me to complete tasks. I hope that I take after the great leaders I have had the privilege to work with and lead others to complete the impossible. Now for the info about armadillos and wild hogs that I promised last night; during the summer months’ people done eat either one of these creatures because of diseases they may carry such as armadillos carry lepersy and hogs can have anything from rabies or diseases carried by ticks and fleas. So, they wait to eat them until the weather is cooler because then they don’t carry these diseases. I’m super excited for tomorrow and can’t wait to see what new adventure awaits.

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