Monday, June 17, 2019

Day 1 | Brett Chapman

I really don’t know where to begin, this trip from the start has been such a blessing. Being my first mission trip I had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me, it was a little scary. What I soon learned and what I will never forget is how the power of Christ can guide a group of people/disciples to make an everlasting impact on others, most of whom are strangers. I say most of whom, because I am one. I soon found out that all the was expected of me was to surrender to Holy Spirit and to trust in the Lord, for he has laid out our path for this week and all we have to do is trust in him. From Sat. morning to today I have learned so much about other people of our church, I have learned their names, their interest, their stories and from that it has grown my faith more in short time than ever before. This morning I got to meet the Samaritan’s Purse staff, I got to hear their story and mission, it has left me in awe. The pride they take in the work they do is second to none and they give all credit to our main man upstairs. I have been inspired, and its only Monday. As for the work, I helped hang kitchen cabinets, it didn’t go as easy as what everyone expected and it was seven kinds of hot and humid but it was just a side note to the fellowship I had with those around me and the first hand witness of what is possible through our Lord. In closing I can’t wait to see wait tomorrow has in store.

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