Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 2 | Becka Campbell

Today we returned to the Garcia home to continue our work from yesterday. It’s a slow process to complete the punch out list. I resumed my work inside detailing the baseboards and scraping paint off the vinyl flooring. I also swept out the kitchen cabinets, realigned cabinet doors, wiped down cabinets and windows. It was a lot of tedious work, inside of a home that does not have electric. It got pretty hot in there. The team outside worked very hard to move sand around the house and complete a flower bed. I know many of them are working outside of what is normal for them and they’ve handled it really well. The heat and humidity have been a little bit of a challenge for all of us. In the evening most of us have a hard time putting sentences together because we are so worn out. Please say a prayer for Thelma - she hasn’t been feeling well since about Sunday evening. She stayed back at the church today to rest. Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement, I’m looking forward to another day of work tomorrow.

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