Monday, June 17, 2019

Day 1 | Paul Summers

When I was planning for this trip, I was expecting something similar to Montana: a long van ride with my knees tucked up beside my ears, scorching heat, and jobs like rock landscaping and/ or roofing. So far for me, only the heat expectation is accurate, yet there is even a cooling sea breeze that takes the edge off. I still drunk about twenty bottles of water today. I was assigned to a group that is on finishing side of house building; cabinets, floor trim, caulking, and door-painting were the items of the day. Me and Hunter Mitchell—and Tate Roach when Hunter was reassigned—put the spackling into the nail holes. Hunter and Tate packed the holes, and I sanded the putty. I sanded the floor trim all day. And drank lots of water (thanks, BSA). It is amazing being here and hearing the stories that the landowners tell, of where they were when they lost their home, and how they are recovering, and what Christ has done both for and with them. Please continue to pray on their behalf.

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