Sunday, June 28, 2009

Video - Day 10

Here is the video of Day 10 (Saturday, June 27th). We left Crow Agency, MT and arrived at Murdo, SD. Along the way we made stops at Mt. Rushmore and drove through the Badlands. Remember if you have problems viewing this video, try turning the HD off.

Video - Day 9

This is the video of the final work day in Montana. Again, if you have problems viewing this video, make sure the HD is turned off. We are now in Murdo, SD; in the Central Time Zone.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 8 (Day Off) Video

We left for home at 6:20 MDT (8:20 EDT). As I post this video we are currently in Sheridan, WY. You can track our trip by following the map on our blog (as long as I have cell phone service)

Here is the video of Day 8 (Thursday-our day off). Most of the group traveled to Yellowstone National Park.

Video - Day 7

Video is from Day 7 - Wednesday, June 24. Reminder: if you have problems viewing this video, make sure the HD is turned off.

Final Day in Montana

It's hard to believe the week is over. It is Friday night and we just got back from the Crow Days celebration. God has blessed us with a great week of weather, not to hot and not to cold and no rain. The youth did a great job in each task that they were asked to do. Some overcame the fear of heights and worked on the roof and some that don't like to paint, painted all week. I am so proud of each of them and it has also aloud me to get closer to them. One of the best parts of the mission trip is that there is no TV and newspaper, no worries or concerns of the daily activities of the world. We are hear serving God and as the Pastor of the Church said on Sunday we are being Gods hands in doing work for him. Each job that was assigned to us has been completed and as the week went they added more for us to do. I want to thank everyone for your prayers as we have traveled and as we begin our way home in the morning. We had one day off this week and some of us went to Yellowstone National Park, on the way there we had to travel through Sonshone National Park. This has to be one of the most amazing places in the world. We climbed to an altitude of 10,947 feet and we was able to have a snowball fight at the end of June. The mountain range was beautiful with snow covered mountains and some areas still had over 10 feet of snow on the ground. We also saw people skiing down the mountains. I would recommend this as a must see. Looking forward to sharing our experiences with you when we return home. Riley I will see you in a few days, I miss and love you.

Day #9

Bronlynn and I have decided to quit our teaching jobs and start a painting business. We have a new calling as professional painters. Not really! I originally was going to put I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Send help! However, someone came along and had pity on me.
All kidding aside it has been an amazing week. Bill was right when he said it would go quickly. We have seen many amazing sights and met wonderful people. God is amazing! To look at this country and see what he has created is breathtaking! I can’t put into words how much this trip has meant to me. Saying thank you to God just doesn’t seem enough. But I praise his Holy Name.
I love you, Riley! We’ll be home soon. Thanks again to our family and friends who have watched over her and allowed us to be on this trip knowing that she is in good hands. We love you!

Day #9

I am simply blessed and amazed by the people out here working with us. Both kids and adults alike worked hard and were respectful to one another. Yellowstone was very pretty. I’m glad I got to come out here and see what Matthew has been talking about all these years.

Day #9

Crow Agency is a place of life. To me, it’s always been a place of learning and growing, and it has been no different this week. With daily devotionals, speakers who have met with God, and lots of projects to get done, this was a week to truly learn and understand the ways of God and servanthood.
On Wednesday, we started working on a deck for one the buildings near the church, and I was really excited to be a part of it. We worked for 1 ½ days on it and we finally got it done. As I looked at that little piece of architecture, I had pride in what I had accomplished. I remembered when it was random pieces of wood, but after we had cut there, nailed there, measured here, it all came together into an amazing structure.
And as I thought of these things, I thought about the way God looks at us, and I wondered if he ever looked at me and had pride. He has done an amazing thing in my life, because I was without focus or direction, just a random piece of piece. But after he measured me, cut me, and nailed me into place, I have life abundant and new. For that, I am thankful.

Day #9

Hey its Remy yesterday we went to Yellowstone national park and Lloyd took a wrong turn. The work it was hard and hot but it was worth the hard work because once we were done we could look back and say look at what God helped us do for someone else who could not do it themselves.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Behind!

Just wanted to let everyone know that hopefully some videos will be posted later today. Sorry, I've been behind. Yesterday, most of us travelled to Yellowstone, and I didn't have high speed internet access all day..thus there was no video posting done. I have the Day 7 video completed, as soon as I can have access, I will upload it. Make sure and come back for the Day 8 video and see some of the awesome sights of Yellowstone park including Old Faithful. We finish up our job sites today and pack to start heading home tomorrow. You can follow us on our trip back home by watching the map on the right hand side of the page starting tomorrow. Have a good day everyone...headed out to work.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Video - Day 6

Reminder: If you have problems viewing this video, make sure the HD is turned off.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 7

Hey, our week has been great so far I've had a blast. We are at McDonalds right now. We have half way painted a house already, and we put on a roof. I met Kenny Pretty On Top...some of you might not know who I'm talking about but hes a great guy. We had built a small porch, and had VBS for kids. The kids are so much fun to play with!.. and they are so cute. Keep us in your prayers. I love you mom and dad. ohh and by the way i know how to use a nail gun when I need too. haha

Charity =)

Dear Church Family

Thank you so much for your prayers. How the Lord has showered us with His blessings every day of our journey thus far. Our days begin very early (one day we arose at 4:30 a.m.) and end past my usual bedtime. By the time we get to bed, our bodies are so tired, but it’s a “good tired.” Seeing our youth serve here has been the greatest blessing. They all work so hard, giving of themselves. I’m continually amazed by God’s love and his creation. The Land of the Big Sky is truly beautiful. Know that we are grateful for this opportunity and for your prayers for our work here. We love you all so very much.
In His love,

Middle of the Week

We have made it to the middle of our work week. So far we have finished two projects and began two more. In the mornings it takes a little more time to actually roll out of bed as each of us are growing tired. However, we are all very excited to finish the projects we have started because we know that it will make a difference in the lives of these people. Mom, if you read this we really miss you here. The mission trip is not the same without you. Although Lloyd often calls me Cindy so it is kind of like you are here. I love you and I will talk to you soon.
-April Fisher

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Video - Day 5

Reminder: if you have problems viewing this video try again turning the HD off.

If you want the truth read this

Hello everyone this is me typing to you telling you what is all really going on. Everyone here is working really hard on all the projects. So far we have finished painting a house, building 2 decks, and built a whole new roof on a 14x70 trailer. We are currently working on building another roof to a trailer and painting another house. once again our mission group has done more work than they had for us originally and if we keep this up we will be tearing down a trailer with hammers while a perfectly good excavator sitting 100 feet away.

this has been your daily dose of Tyler

goodbye world

SEND FOOD label it for Tyler Morlan

Day 6

Hi, Riley! Momma loves you! I am so blessed to be your mom. Daddy says hello, too!
I amazed by God’s grace and love. What a blessing this trip has already been. Mickey has gone on many mission trips and I must admit that I have been jealous by the change in him and the experiences he has had. I couldn’t relate. I thank God for the opportunity to be here and serve beside of my husband. Getting to know the youth of our church has been another highlight. They are awesome! Please, continue to pray for us, we will have a lot of stories to tell. God bless!

Day 6

Hello Family and Friends,
First off I want you to know that I really miss all of you! It is really hard being away from you for this long, but God is really using us here. This has really been a great experience so far and I anticipate even more great things. It is just so amazing to me that as beautiful as God has painted our little part of the world in West Virginia, He sculpted gorgeous landscape out here. There is so much to see and hear and learn here that I know that I will only just scratch the surface of the wonder of this area. Thank you so much for your prayers as we work, love and serve. Our kids are awesome here. They are constantly being praised for their hard work and determination. I know that it is from the great examples that they see working in their families and in their church. Keep praying for us, we have some things that are still uncertain and are leaving up to God but I know God will not cease to come through. We have some big jobs over the next few days and some of us “old” people are already feeling muscles that we forgot we had so please pray for the “oldies” especially. See you in one week!


Day 2 in Montana

Today we started working. We started the day out by cleaning the park. We woke up at 4:30 this morning to get out there early enough to finish it before breakfast started. Allie and I worked at VBS in the morning. It was a lot of fun and the kids were absolutely adorable. After Lunch we started working on Kenny’s roof. We are almost completely done with it. We should have it finished by lunch tomorrow. The weather held out great today and it wasn’t too hot. But, our tans are now all messed up (lol). God Bless.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Video - Day 4

Reminder: if you have problems watching the video, make sure the HD is turned off.

Day 4

Hi Riley, I miss you and thank you for the call on father’s day.
Dave thanks for the post and the information on your travels. I just have one question for you. When you were at Wall Drug years ago were you a part of the original 1880 town? Take care. It was a good trip out with no problems, a lot of miles and beautiful country. Work starts tomorrow and we have our work cut out for us. We had big rain and a hail storm today and as we went to our work site the mountains are still covered in snow. It was beautiful, they said it was rare for this at this time of year but they have had a lot of cold weather. Thanks for all the comments and your prayers.

Day 4

We finally got to Montana yesterday and I was so excited. It was exactly how I remembered it with the Quanza Hut, the dorms, the park, the gas station, it was all so familiar. It reminded me of the amazing time we had the last time we were here. That was a long time ago and God has done so much since then! Today we had the Skypecast at the 11:00 service, and never “Skypeing” before, that was pretty awesome.
God really blessed me today during worship. We sang this song, I think is called “Everlasting” and I almost lost my voice. I was really praising God during that song and I was so blessed. I hope that during the rest of the trip God will continue to speak to us and that we would listen. I pray that I give Him all that I’ve got, because he deserves the very best I’ve got.

Sunday - Training Day

What an amazing adventure so far. Tomorrow begins work day number one. We are all safe and sound and ready to begin working. It was a lot colder at night than I expected. Of course, Mickey said he was comfortable. Remind me not to take advice from him on the number of blankets I should pack. :> I am excited to see how many children come to VBS. I am reminded of how amazing God truly is. The landscapes he has created are nothing short of a masterpiece. I praise him for the privilege to be here and thank our family for taking such great care of Riley while we are gone. Continue to pray for us and love to all.

Montana Day 4

Today gave us a chance to get to know people from our group a little better and also meet new people from the other mission group from Michigan. The weather is really weird and unpredictable. It sprinkled this morning and then was really nice out, and then it just started hailing like crazy, and then ten minutes later it was nice out again. Tomorrow we start on the job sites and VBS (Kids Club). We are having a lot of fun. We miss you all. God Bless. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. (:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Video - Day 3

Reminder: if you have problems viewing the video, make sure the HD icon is set to HD off. This will reduce the quality, but improve performance. Sorry for the late posting today, but I was tied up this morning with the live feeds for the service @ Gassaway.

First Evening on the Reservation


Yesterday evening was awesome. When we arrived, everyone split up into cabins and got settled in. Then, we all walked to the park and played with the kids there. I threw the frisbee with Julia, Malachi, and Nina. They talked a lot and told me so much about families and were very excited for "kids club" (VBS) which we will begin on Monday. After we came back from the park, the group from Michigan had arrived and I got to meet and talk with them about their flights. Kim, one of their leaders, and I were able to meet after several weeks of talking on the phone with one another about VBS and other things. It was great to finally put a face with her voice. At 9 pm our time (11 pm at home), everyone gathered for a praise and worship session. Travis lead the music and it was awesome to just sing and have a amazing time of fellowship with all of our group members and the Michigan group. I am so excited for what God has in store for the rest of our time here. Thank you so much for all your prayers!! Love and God Bless.

Logan <3

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crow Agency At Last!

Hello everyone!!

It is 4:34 local time and we have finally made it to the Crow Agency. We traveled 467 miles today. Thank you all for your many prayers and comments. It is awesome to know that everyone is keeping in touch and thinking about us back home. Please continue to remember us as we start our mission tomorrow. Tonight we will meet up with the other mission group from Michigan and are excited to make new friends. We love you all!!

Video - Day 2

Below you will find the video showing our trip from Davenport, Iowa to Oacoma, South Dakota. If you have have problems viewing the video or if you have jumpy video, make sure the "HD" icon in the upper right portion of the video is set to "HD off", this will reduce the quality, but improve playback. To view the video in full screen, click the four arrows icon.

Day 3 about to roll

Good morning from South Dakota. The Day 2 video is finished and will hopefully be ready to go by 9am Eastern. We are leaving for Crow Agency, Montana today at 8am CDT (9am EDT). Thanks for all of the comments you have left for us, I have passed them on to the rest of the group and we all appreciate your prayers. Two days of dravel down, one to go.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Corn corn corn corn and russell drank a cup of creamed suger water :}
-Frankie Frame

Traveling Day 2

Headaches and stomach aches started today, but that's all part of the trip. We saw less and less of corn fields today. We saw a little hill and it felt like a mountain to us(lol). We also got to see the ending of a tornado, but we didn't know that that was it till after we took a picture of a "funny cloud". Tomorrow is our last day of traveling and we will arrive at Montana. EXCITED!!!! woohoo. we love and miss you all. keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Day 2 - Davenport, IA to Oacoma, SD

We have arrived safely in Oacoma, South Dakota. Check back later tonight for more blog posts from the youth on the trip and a new video from today should be online in the morning.

Video - Day 1

From Gassaway, WV to Davenport, IA. A stop in Indianapolis and a surprise airshow upon our arrival at Davenport. A couple notes on the video. To view full screen, click the four arrows icon. If you have a dial-up internet connection, you may have problems watching the high definition video. Click the "HD on" logo, to turn this off and performance should improve.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hi from Iowa!!

Marsha, Allison, April and I are having a girls slumber party here at the hotel in Davenport, Iowa. 12 hours, 709 miles later we have made it this far. Thank goodness too, because we could not have spent much more time in the vans.

Allison says she is having a blast so far.

Bur-nard, we miss you! Pray for us please. Love, Marsha

Dad, Mom and I miss you a lot and we will keep in touch during the upcoming weeks. Love, Logan and Brenda

We will blog again tomorrow!!

First Day of Travel

The first day of traveling went by quite fast. We spent twelve hours in a van so we not only saw many different environments but also got to know the people we were traveling with very well. Everyone got along very well so it made the first day of traveling seem to go by even faster. From our perspective of today the outlook of this mission will be very productive and enjoyable. Hopefully the next day of traveling will be just as quick.

The First 709 Miles of Our Trip.

This day has went by so fast. The beginning of our trip started out slow because everyone was so tired and wanted to sleep, but as the day progressed, everyone started to wake up and enjoy spending time with each other. In the van i was on, Charity Ramsey, Tori Skinner, Remy Skinner, Matt Bailey, and I played different games like the alphabet game and ha-ha. We stopped in Indianapolis, Indiana to eat and stretch our legs for about an hour. After we ate, everyone took window chalk and wrote different things on the windows of the vans like their names or montana bound and other things. The last part of our drive to the hotel we are staying at went by the fastest. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what the rest of the trip brings.
- Tyler Hamrick

Day 1 - Logan Morlan

Today went by fast. I thought it would take forever to get to the hotel, but it didn’t. The kids in my van were always asleep so it was pretty quiet. When we arrived at the hotel Frankie tried to tell a man who didn’t speak English very well to fix a light. But like I said before the day went by fast and I really hope tomorrow will go just as fast.

Day 1 Destination - Davenport, IA

As I'm writing this we are on the road headed to Davenport, IA. So far so good with all 5 vans. I will post a video later tonight from today's trek. One minor wrong turn took us through the middle of Indianapolis today, other than that, everything has gone according to plan. You can keep an eye on exactly where we are on the map on the top right of this page. Expect a video and blog posts from the some of the youth themselves tonight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The mission begins tomorrow

Tomorrow we will be leaving for the Crow Agency Reservation in Montana. I wanted to put this post out there so you would know how we plan to use this blog page over the next 2 weeks. If everything goes to plan, there will be blog entries from various youth daily here. Also, there will be a wrap-up video for the events of the particular day. This might be posted very late at night or very early in the morning. If you would like to leave comments for the youth that are writing these entries, click the comment button below the specific posting. You do not need to sign up for any account when you do this, specific comment instructions are in the right column. Also, for those of you that are within driving distance to Gassaway Baptist Church, we plan to have a live video feed from Montana established for this sunday morning's services. Finally, for the drive out there, if you are curious how far along we are, check out the map in the top right corner. This will be tracking my cell phone as we travel. As long as I stay with the rest of the group, you will know where we are. Underneath all the gadgets and gizmos that we have set up for this trip is a real mission to serve real people many miles away. Please be in prayer for us over the next couple of weeks and hopefully this all works as planned.