Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Andrew McCallister

Yesterday was pretty good we went to yellow stone at 5 in the morning we were really tired but we saw a lot of animals and the trip was 20 hours today we had indian tacos which was really good. We saw old faithful yesterday to it was cool.

Day 8 | Jordan Skidmore

To start my day off yesterday I was up at 4:00am to arrive at Yellowstone. I have never been there so it’s a day I’ll remember. I have had so many new opportunities to make several memories and I have made sure to soak in all of them. This evening before bible study I was in my cabin talking to all my girls about how much we have enjoyed everyone’s company and everything new we have all learned about each one of us. Preston is my cousin, but I don’t think I have spent as much time with him before as I have this week. As much as I wouldn’t want to admit it, I have enjoyed hanging with him too as I watch us both work for Christ (he said I’m the one being mean but don’t let him fool you). It’s almost to the end of our trip, but I will make sure to take the time to keep up with everyone even once we are back in Braxton.

Day 8 | Preston Allison

Well well well…these past two days have been so crazy, exciting, and mesmerizing! Yesterday we awoke at 4:00a.m and left by 5:00a.m. We drove 6 hours to Yellowstone and drove another 5 hours across the park itself. I was hoping to see a wolf but unfortunately it didn’t happen, but I did see loads and loads of buffaloes. The park is so amazing, the land is so untouched that it’s hard to believe that it’s real! On the way home we stopped at this cool little french town that was super pretty! We made it home at 1:00…a.m. Today we woke up at 6:00…a.m ( only got 5 hours of sleep ). I went to the painting project, trying to climb up a 40 foot ladder with no sleep was pretty fun…and we finished it! Tonight we had Navaho bread.( a puffy tortilla shell ) it was great!! Momma I got the recipe! Tomorrow we are having a carnival after VBS and I am so excited! Hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day of full work, I am so sad. P.S. Momma be prepared for laundry…leaving for cowen the day I get AND ALSO….JORDAN IS BEINING MEAN! So uncle jeff if you are reading this tell her to be nice!

Day 8 | Logan Gibson

Yesterday we went to Yellowstone National Park. Even though it was my fourth trip, I was still amazed at all the beautiful scenery and landscapes. Bill nicknamed me “hawkeyes” as a joke because I couldn’t spot any of the wildlife until we stopped the vans and got out to look for it. We were in the vans for over 20 hours, but it was an awesome trip! Today we had VBS again and several of our regular kiddos brought their siblings or friends which was great! At the end of the morning, none of them wanted us to leave. We can’t wait to go back tomorrow morning and in the evening for the carnival. After VBS, we went to Kenny’s house to screw down his flooring. We knocked the job out in just over an hour. Jerusha, Kenny’s wife, came out while we were working and told us it was 109 degrees! We were all pretty toasty! Once we finished the flooring, we came back to camp and scrubbed down the bathrooms. They are probably as clean as they have ever been! Everyone pitched in and we also got all the VBS and carnival goodies sorted. Around 4:30 pm, Bill told me that Kenny’s sister was coming to make us Indian Tacos. When we got here, she showed us how to make the Navaho dough and let us roll it into balls. Then, I helped her daughter fry up the dough. I tried to write down all the steps and ingredients. I can’t wait to try and make the recipe when I get home. Someone is going to have to eat some of it though because the recipe is for 40 servings!

Day 8 | Jasmine Leake

Yellowstone had some amazing scenery. We got to feed some chipmunks on the way and saw buffalo, elk, deer, and so much more. The van ride was so much fun. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life than when Vicki saw elk and started yelling at tapping the window saying “elk, elk, elk” over and over. I was laughing so hard at how excited Vicki was that I barely even got to see the elk. Today I went to VBS and then went and worked on Kenny’s house. It was 110 degrees today and we had no shade, but working was still so much fun as always. Tomorrow is our last full day here and it is so hard to believe. I’ve gotten to know some wonderful people and I am looking forward to getting to know them better throughout the rest of our trip.

Day 8 | Wendy Summers

110 degrees and no shade! But our crew working on a floor for a house did their work without complaint and with cheerful hearts, ‘as unto the Lord’. It was a joy for me to work with them! A few of us learned to make Indian Tacos this evening. Kenny’s sister taught us. Of course, she does not need a recipe. That was so much fun and ‘many hands make lite work’. The tacos were delicious, but I would not make them too often…think funnel cake without the sugar. I think if there are many leftovers, Bill has plans for breakfast… Yellowstone was amazing, beyond words! And I am sure my photos will not do it justice. So our mission trip has been all about people, and all about God’s absolutely breath taking creation. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to serve!

Day 8 | Paul Summers

Yellowstone was neat, although Old Faithful was a little overrated. The sights I saw on the way was what I enjoyed most. You’re driving along a grassland, and suddenly you see a tree… and then another one… and another one. Soon, you are tired of seeing trees. Same deal with the buffalo… unless the thirty-eighth happens to be running two feet from your window. Today was hot. In the morning, I was on the crew that cleaned the church. In the afternoon, I was sent to weed-eat a field with a push weed-eater. No, I didn’t make a mistake typing that. I could have gone faster with a pair of scissors. It was slow, but neither me nor Logan dehydrated or ran into a rattlesnake, so it was a very good time.

Day 8 | Jack Friend

Hot and dry in montana, on the way to work this morning I saw a bull frog with chap lips. It did sprinkle one evening but not enough to settle the dust. Someone said it was 109 but after 100 who’s counting.Everyone is drinking a lot of water which is good. I had a short day, we had finished up some work at the church and we brought the equipment back to the camp area.Enjoying meeting all the new people and beginning able to share Christ with some of them. Still cant wait to get back home, missing someone very much.

Day 8 | Trey Jack

Yesterday was a long day. We all woke up to turn around and sleep on our way to Yellowstone. Nana (Vickie) traded spots with Eladio then with me. Every time she saw an animal she and Hannah would scream at Lloyd to stop but he'd keep on going. After a few teases of the geyser, we finally got to see Old Faithful erupt. On the way home, I spotted a heard of elk and Nana screams “Elk elk elk elk elk!” and we all were dying in laughter. Today, most of us started at the church. Everyone picked up and moved the chairs, while Emily and I vacuumed the first floor and balcony. The same group headed to Kenny’s house to drill nails in to plywood to secure the flooring. Hannah, Tess, and I got into a system where Hannah would give the nail to Tess where she hammers it in a little and I’d follow behind drilling. We got it done in just a little over an hour which was great. Tomorrow is the last day of work so we will see what’s next!

Day 8 | Lori Dittman

I was in complete awe of the beauty of Yellowstone! I think I may have taken 300 plus pictures! Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, you will have to make the trip! Our van would get a bit excited and exclaim rather loudly when we saw an animal or if we thought we saw an animal! I felt like a kid sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what wonderful sight I would see around each turn. I was never disappointed! The trip was long…really long, but so worth it! We finished the job painting the house! Again I am so thankful to work with a crew that sings worship songs and other creatively written songs about painting. One funny thing that happened after we finished painting, Preston and I decided to get a toy that was stuck in a tree for one of the kids. After a few failed attempts, Preston finally got it down! I told Colleen that she has spoiled us with her watermelon, popsicles, and she insisted that we take something from her Mary Kay bag. We go to be a blessing to someone, but we receive a blessing! Love to you all and as always thank you for praying for us!

Day 8 | Megan Frame

Yesterday was 19 hours in a vehicle! I’m exhausted but made so many memories and got to see so many things at yellowstone! God’s handiwork was incredible and I was just in awe. Today I got to work VBS for the first time. I had a ton of fun playing with the kids and sharing the lesson. I got to meet a Native American girl my age named Zhane. She was very sweet and asked a lot of questions so we got to know each other better. I’m excited to see her again tomorrow. I cannot believe that our week is almost over.. It flew by so fast! I talked to mom today and she asked whether I was hooked on mission trips now. I say absolutely! I hope I get to do another one soon. Today we also nailed down the plywood floor in Kenny’s house. We knocked it out in 45 minutes! However it was hot! I think someone said 102?! I’m sad to leave but also can’t wait to get home. It’s been such a blessing to be a part of this trip. I’ve learned so many things about so many people. :)

Day 8 | Eladio Mazon

We got to Yellowstone We were all excited to see some wild life. Saw a lot of buffalos ( they make 2 of our cows). the view was something that only God could make. I enjoyed the views more than seeing the animals . We were there all day. We cut it short because Riley got sicker and we had to find her a hospital because everything else was already closed. When we got to the end of the park, we were able to see all kinds of elk all over the small town that we were in. Everybody got lots of great pics. We have one more good day on Friday; hope that God blesses what we do for His glory .

Day 8 | Tim Frame

Yesterday we got more of God’s beautiful creation. Those that believe that beauty came from a big bang don't think things through. Thank you Lord for allowing me to see it.

Day 8 | Riley Skeens

Yesterday we went to Yellowstone, and the trip was very interesting for me. I have been sick since we left on Thursday and it gets better and worse on different days. Yesterday my fever spiked and my cough worsened, and it just wasn't a good trip. I ended up going to the hospital and found out I just have a virus and that it should go away in a couple days. Today was kind of an easy day for our group. We swept the church sanctuary and cleaned the bathroom. Then, we ate lunch and rested at the church until Kenny told us what to do. I went back to the cabins though to sleep because I did not feel good.

Day 8 | Vern Frame

Since we didn't blog yesterday I will talk a little bit about our trip to yellowstone. Lets just say the 19 hour drive was worth every second of it. From the excitement of seeing our first animal to the beautiful landscape that God created. Being Old Faithful erupt was neat and brought up conversations in the van on the ride home on what blocks it and just happens to let loose at around the same time. Today we finished Colleens house. She was so pleased with it and very thankful. I cannot say enough about the crew I got to work with. We all engaged in singing and conversation as well as helping each other. We prayed with Colleen and some of her grandkids before we left. She asked for prayer for her grandson who was burnt when he was younger and has to have releases every so often as he grows. Something my family knows some about. She is the kind of women and is always helping others so before I left i wiped out a few odd and ends that she needed done like putting up her cloths line and putting in the window she needed. It has been a great week serving God.

Day 8 | Amber Frame

Yesterday we made our way to Yellowstone bright and early in the morning. It was a long trip but it was well worth it. We were so excited when we saw our first buffalo but then we saw herds and herds of them and it got less exciting until the buffalo was walking right on the road. That buffalo acted like he owned the road he knew everyone was watching him and he had traffic backed up forever. After we waited 15 minutes for the buffalo we made our way to Old Faithful. It was a hour and 30 minute wait for a 2 minute thing but it was worth it. after that we made our way back to camp another long trip but we played cars for most of the time I won three of the four games. Today was also great we finished up the house we were painting after three days. The owner of the house was so happy with our work she kept bringing out watermelon and she also gave us a bag full of Mary Kay stuff. That was her way to thank us even though we didn't need anything from her. You could feel the joy from her she has had a rough life and she needed some help. We also fixed her clothes line because it had been tore down. Then we screwed in a window that had been broke. We also got a toy out of a tree for the little girl for the second time. It was a great time serving the Lord and I'm so glad i could make someone happy.

Day 8 | Bill Morlan

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve done this so I thought I better write before Eric catches me. It’s as hot as I remember! It’s either I’m getting older or it’s getting hotter. The team has done a great job and at this time we have completed all of our jobs. We will be looking at putting up walls and the rafters at Kenny’s house tomorrow. Like always, it’s hard to believe that we are on our last day of work and then the journey home. We finished the rocks on Tuesday and some of those rocks we moved 4 times. As you know by now, we went to Yellowstone yesterday. Started at 5am and got back at 1am. Long day but a fun day. To me, the one of the best parts of the day was when we got stopped by a buffalo for about 30 min because he was in the road. By the time he finally gave us room to pass I could of touched him. The team has worked well together and I am very proud of them for what they have done. Being that this is my 4th time here I have a lot of memories of this place and the people that we have helped. Some of the people remember us. One of the cool things was that Jarren was playing basketball with a young man who remembered us and coming to VBS when we had it. To all who have been here before, Neil and his wife bought an RV and are traveling the country. Kenny Sr. and his wife are doing fine and he is getting ready to retire. Kenny Jr. and his wife are building a new house. Russel, if you are reading this, tonight we are having Indian Tacos and the lady that is making them remembers you. She remembers that you ate 7 of them and she has never seen anyone do that. You have made a lasting impression. Tomorrow is our last day and like always it will be bitter sweet. Love you Bro, boys and my girls.

Day 8 | Brent Dittman

We went to Yellowstone yesterday which was fun but also kinda boring because there wasn't much to do once we got there. We did get to see Old Faithful go off though so it was a total waste. We also stopped at some of the Hot Springs along the road on the way home. Today we finished up three jobs and got smoothies from the church truck again which I got strawberry again. We also started another job but I don’t think we’re gonna go back to it but we might so it’s a Mystery in Montana. Kenny’s wife is making our dinner tonight, she’s making Indian Tacos which i’ve heard are really good. Kenny is also gonna play and sing more songs tonight like he did Tuesday. I hope we get to have a campfire tonight will Kenny sings and plays. Tomorrow is the last day we’re here then we start the long 3 day journey back to WV. I love and miss everyone at home and can’t wait to see everyone.

Day 8 | William Forbush

i had a good day at yellowstone my favorite part was when i got to take pictures of elks from like five feet away . today we pretty much got all our work wrapped up.

Day 8 | Michelle Shaver

Yesterday was our day off. It was fun but long. We went to Yellowstone National Park. I would have to say my favorite thing about the whole trip was looking at the mountains. I know we have mountains at home but the view is definitely not the same. Today was my first day at VBS. Andrew and I were in charge of games today. They really like duck, duck, goose so we played that one and simon says. We also were able to teach them a new game which they enjoyed too. After that one of the ladies from the church who sells breakfast and lunch at the church lot made lunch for all of us and tonight there is a relative of Kenny’s coming to made dinner. On the way back from VBS we stopped by Kenny’s house and nailed down the floor to his new house he is building. Kenny’s relative is here now and has brought her family, so many of the kids are playing with her children. And some of the ladies are in the kitchen helping make dinner with her. Tomorrow is our last full day here. Not sure what we will be doing tomorrow the two jobs we have been working on are complete. I have enjoyed my time here and the people that I have meet. Can’t wait to see what we get into tomorrow.

Day 8 | Hannah Dittman

Yesterday we went to Yellowstone National Park. It was a great day but it was a long day! We saw many animals during the trip but mainly buffalo. We would have missed a lot of the animals but thanks to Vicki, we never missed an animal sighting! There were a lot of pretty waterfalls but, thanks to Lloyd fast driving, we miss some of the falls. We did see Old Faithful and a lot of pretty springs. It was a very long 19 hr day but I had so much fun! Today, I did VBS which was pretty fun. The little kids crack me up sometimes! But VBS is only two hrs so I went to screw down a floor. Tess and I tag-teamed and put the screws in place so Emily could come by and screw them down. After that, we came back to camp and cleaned the bathroom. So now the bathrooms are much nicer than before! I still can’t believe that we have one more work day here! The time has just flown by! I am so blessed to have been able to come on this trip.

Day 8 | Emily Conley

Since we didn’t blog yesterday, I’m gonna write a little about our 19 hour trip to Yellowstone…yes 19 HOURS. Our van never missed an animal sighting thanks to Vicki literally yelling about EVERY animal she saw, but we did miss a few waterfalls due to Lloyd’s fast-paced driving. My favorite part was seeing the hot springs and watching Old Faithful erupt. Today, my job began at the church where we moved all of the chairs, vacuumed the floors, and then cleaned the foyer. A vendor in the church parking lot (who saw us working all week and was the hook-up for cold smoothies on a hot day) fixed lunch for our entire group which was so kind of her. After lunch, we headed to Kenny’s house to finish screwing in the start of his floor. We arrived back at camp early, so we deep cleaned the bathroom and sorted all of the games and prizes for the carnival tomorrow. Tonight, Kenny’s wife is making us Indian tacos, and the group is beyond excited. Kenny is also gonna hang around and play some praise songs, which I cannot wait for. I can’t believe tomorrow is our last work day. God has definitely humbled me through the jobs I’ve had on this trip, and I am so thankful that His plans for me are better than my own. See you all soon! Thanks for your prayers!

Day 8 | Mary White

Yesterday the group went to Yellowstone that was a twenty one hour day. The group left where we was staying at 4am. However it was will worth it because yesterday it started off great because I got to see the sunrise and a rainbow not that far apart. When the group got to Yellowstone my van got to see the first animal it was a buffalo. The whole van was really happy to see the first animal. After we saw the first buffalo there was a lot more buffalo. One of the buffalo that the van saw was walking in the middle of the road, or I should say all of the road. Also got to see an Elk and Antelope.While going thru Yellowstone we stop and seen Old Faithful shoot up in the air that was nice to see. Also to end yesterday I also got to see the sun set. So what other way to have a day off to see all of that to start and fisted. To start off the day I was at VBS. I ask one kid when her Birthday was and she was seven she didn’t know when her birthday was. Then I notice that one of the kids has a bracelets however it was a top of a stuff can that really surprised me that she called that a bracelets. After VBS I went to the church for lunch there was a vendor that was seat up to sell smoothies, coffee, lunch, and breakfast. The whole week we got smoothies from the vendor in return of that she wanted to do something for use so she made all of lunch. The lunch was very good it was hotdogs and baked beans. I told them thank you and I got a smoothie from Her and her husband the husband taught me a crow word and it was a hoe’ it’s means thank you in crow. After lunch some of us went to Kenny’s house to put screws in the new house floor. That job went by really fast then came back to the Cabins. Tonight Kenny’s sister is going to make us Indian tacos for dinner . I have to say this is something I looked forward to all week. I am so looking forward to see what tomorrows holds for me to see or due.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 6 | Hannah Dittman

Today was day two of painting! I can honestly say I have more paint on me today than I did yesterday! Even though it was very hot today, I still had so much fun working with my group! I started painting today in the same spot I was in yesterday. I eventually had to climb a ladder to get higher up. Although, I did not go up as high as some of the others. It was high for me! Tomorrow we are going to Yellowstone National Park. I hope we see some buffalos, prairie dogs, moose, and some other animals. It will be a long day, but hopefully a good one!

Day 6 | Mickey Skeens

Work day 2 is in the books, and I can defiantly say that I was glad to see the last rock placed and the last bucket of dirt hauled off. Today we completed our first project. Everyone worked very hard, the heat was intense again today, no shad and no escaping the heat. It was a special day for me with it being Riley’s birthday and getting to spend it with her. Thanks to all who wished her a happy birthday and all that sang to her. Looking forward to our trip tomorrow, it is our day off and we will be traveling to Yellowstone National Park. Hi Faith and Piper – Daddy misses you. Love you all and can’t wait to see you.

Day 6 | Jordan Skidmore

Like I have said almost every day, it’s been another awesome day here in Montana. My second day of work was spent painting the same house, although we may not be finished we are getting there as we hope to finish by Thursday. Today, I climbed to new heights and painted the top of the house. I have got to admit that I was a little worried at first about how well I could trust the ladder, but with the help of Jarren, I felt a little safer. Bill makes the effort every day to ask me if I am still glad that I came and I don’t know how I couldn’t be. I don’t want to rush my trip home but I must say that I am excited to talk about it once I get back in Braxton. I strongly encourage everyone to become a part of a mission trip because it’s definitely a time to experience!

Day 6 | Jasmine Leake

It was another day of VBS and throwing rocks for me today. We went to the park for VBS first thing and we waited for the kids to come so we could get started. We were all patiently waiting and around 9:15 we began to think that we were not going to have any kids for the day and right around that time a bunch of kids came in ready to begin. One of the girls brought a little eight-week-old puppy and as soon as I saw it I fell in love. She let me hold it during bible school and by the end I was wishing I could take it with me. Afterwards we went back to throwing rocks at the church. It was so much fun just like our first day, and Bill got some songs going during our rock throwing. It was not nearly as hot today as it was yesterday, but we all got hot while we were working. We began to run out of rocks so we all started digging through the dirt to find them and then throwing them to others to out on the tarp. Despite getting low on rocks we did finish with the rock pile today. It was a great day with an amazing group of people, and I am looking forward to going to Yellowstone tomorrow.

Day 6 | Eladio Mazon

Started work earlier today, we were back to throwing rocks , it was not as hot today , But by 12 noon we were spent. We finished even thou we had ran out of rocks. The other jobs are almost finished, we still have to put a roof on , pour a slab of cement, finish painting ( Hannah was covered in paint ). We have to get up at 4 AM tomorrow. We had 12 kids in the Bible class today. Its enjoyable to get to know better our friends from our own church, we are praying for Travis Blake. I am hoping and praying that God holds him in His hands.

Day 6 | Michelle Shaver

Today we were back at the church throwing rocks. It was so much better than yesterday in the fact that it was not as hot. There was shade there and thankfully a breeze most of the day. My legs got a major workout yesterday and are a little sore. I found that sitting in the dirt pile instead of squatting helped. It also helped in getting me a bit dirtier. I thought my arms would be sore because some of those rocks were so heavy. It was unbelievable to watch the young people work. I realize I don’t have as much energy as they do anymore. Emily is like the energizer bunny. She just keeps going. It is a blessing to see everyone work and with smiles. You can’t help but to smile. There is just a positive energy at our site. Today we finished our project and that was a good feeling. I think everyone was excited about that. I video chatted my family. It was so great to get to look at them. I miss them but I enjoy my work here and the people I have gotten to know.

Day 6 | Riley Skeens

Day two went very well, but it was very long as well. Today I had the lesson for VBS so I got to see all the children come and learn and play. It’s always a blessing to see young children learn and grow in God’s word. After playing games, doing crafts, drawing with chalk, and blowing bubbles, it was sadly time to end the good times and go to our other worksite. We went back to the church to place the rocks back after putting a tarp down. It was a long day, but God has blessed me so much today. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us during the rest of our week.

Day 6 | Lori Dittman

Day two of painting and a second great work day! We just about finished! One side and one widow left to trim. Today all the work that had to be done required a ladder. We had a 30 foot ladder, and I am so thankful we had a safe day! This crew is wonderful and will work in the heat without complaint! They will wash brushes, trim, climb, paint, and hold a ladder. They are a joy to work with. Our homeowner is so sweet she gave us fresh watermelon at the end of both very hot days! At night we have bible study after dinner and it has been a wonderful time of sharing! I enjoy so much how God draws a group of individuals closer together as we serve. I am looking forward to visiting Yellowstone and finishing the house. Love to you all. Prayers much appreciated.

Day 6 | Tim Frame

Today was another big day. I will have to say after being in the construction trade for 30 years, when i seen the monumental task of moving all the rocks, i thought wow. I honestly don't think that 10 paid men would have not gotten that job done in 2 days!! Great work and diligence to get the the job done.

Day 6 | Amber Frame

Today we almost got finished painting that house we only have one whole side and a window to paint. Even though we were in the heat we really didn't pay attention to it. We were making songs about painting and hoping we wouldn't die because we were so high on the ladders. our group worked so hard together. after we were finished painting for the day we were cleaning up and the little boy john we met yesterday wanted to play football so i started throwing the football with him. it was so fun he loved every minute of it he was actually really good for his age. he threw a football better than i can he also caught almost every throw i threw to him and he is only in first grade. after we were done playing we went to Taco Johns and all of us ordered a prickly pear drink it was funny because Lori saw that it was taco Tuesday so of course we all had to get a taco the guy at the window thought we were crazy. today was absolutely great and even though i was terrified of being so high on the ladder i did it any way because that is what God would want me to do. Now we are off to Yellowstone bright and early tomorrow.

Day 6 | Megan Frame

We finished the rock pile today! Thankfully it wasn’t quite as hot as yesterday. We passed so many rocks back and forth and then started running out of rocks so we had to go back over everything we had already put down to get rocks that were too thick in some places. Then after we had got all those we were on our hands and knees digging in the dirt to find any possible rocks to fill in empty spots. Huge shout out to Emily Conley who kept us energized all day and who barely took a break to get it finished! We are very thankful to have it done. We are leaving for yellowstone at 5 am tomorrow so I am going to bed soon. I’m still super excited to be here but I still miss some people back home :) Thanks for the prayers

Day 6 | Mary White

Today I was back at the church moving rocks the great news is we finished the job rock job. After we got done it was hard to believe the job was done, because there was a lot of rocks to move at the begin. However the rock moving had a plus to it because I got a great work out why I say that I got to work muscles that i haven't worked for a lot time. I know tomorrow morning I will be sore but it will be all worth it because I know I help to get the job done.

Day 6 | Logan Gibson

We had an amazing group of kiddos at VBS again today. One little girl in particular, Phyllis, is the firecracker of the group. She is always climbing on something. Our lesson this morning was on Noah and the Ark and when Preston asked the kiddos what one animal they would bring on the ark with them, Phyllis said panda bears! After VBS, we headed back to the church to move rocks. I feel like I am back in Haiti passing bucket after bucket of concrete except this time we are tossing large rocks. My legs and back are probably going to be sore tomorrow, but we had a great time! Around 2 pm, Linda got us all slushes from a coffee truck. I had a strawberry one and it was the perfect refresher to help us finish out the job. When we placed the last rock, it was crazy to think that someone had touched every single rock in that area and some rocks had been touched by three or more people. We aren't sure how many rocks we dug out and moved but I would guess somewhere in the thousands. I am so impressed by all the youth on this trip. We worked hard all day in the blazing sun and heat and I didn't hear anyone complain. I’m very thankful that I am able to be here and serve this week.

Day 6 | Vern Frame

Today was a long day of work. We continued working on the two story house. We got three sides of it done and will return Thursday to finish. Amber got play football with John right before leaving. He really likes her. All the painting today was on ladders. We just took turns being up there while someone would dip our rollers in the paint so we would not have to climb down. This is a great crew of people here. God has truly blessed us.

Day 6 | Contessa Morlan

Today I worked on the two story house and I do not do ladders and there was a lot of climbing and so what i did a lot of was holding ladders. Jarren was like Spiderman he had to jump from roof to roof to pant a little section of house up where ladder could not reach. Amber and I as we were holding ladders made up some songs about painting and a few of them where pretty good. I was a very wonderful day and we had a great crew that I have gotten to know very well. We go to Yellowstone tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

Day 6 | Jarren Morlan

I worked again on the epic 2 story house with some amazing people. Even though we did not complete it today, we were able to do over 3/4ths of the entire house. We only have on side of the house, but it requires ladders, so we should knock it out pretty quick come Thursday. Today Amber Frame and Jordan Skidmore were on the ladders quite a bit today painting high. I was impressed with their abilities and fearlessness, and their professionalism when it came to painting. It was hot but it was a good day.

Day 6 | Emily Conley

Today I was once again part of the rock crew at the church. We threw rocks all day, but it paid off because we finished the job! We were all so dusty that Logan Morlan had to blow us off with the leaf blower before we got in the van to come home. Tomorrow is the day we travel to Yellowstone, and everyone is so excited! The trip is going by super fast actually. I’m still so excited to see how God uses us to impact others and what he teaches us through this experience.

Day 6 | Preston Allison

Well…today was rockin!!! Literally we were throwing rocks all day! Before i went to the church project I had the opportunity to be the part of VBS. I told the bible story and it was on noah and the ark. We had 13 children and all of them are great, i was so sad when i had to leave. After VBS i went to the church project and threw rocks….they had me rollin, lol. Tonights dinner is going to be smashing..( lol ). Logan is making PASTA!!! My favorite thing about the day was finishing the rock project at the church. Excited for tomorrow, we are going to see Yellowstone National Park! So glad i am a part of this mission team! May the adventure begin! P.S. Mom my stomach is all good.

Day 6 | Andrew McCallister

today we finished up the rock pile and tomorrow we are going to yellow stone it is going to be a long ride.

Day 6 | Trey Jack

Day 6 went by pretty well. We made awesome rock chains. Emily and I made our own version of Jail House Rock to Church House Rock. Finally, we were able to finish the huge rock pile! I'm excited to go to Yellowstone tomorrow for more new adventure!

Day 6 | Paul Summers

I have no idea what I did to make mom mad. She spent the day throwing rocks at me. I think she enjoyed it a little too much.

Day 6 | William Forbush

I had a good day most of us worked hard at the church moving rocks.I had a good day I'm excited for yellowstone park i hope i see a buffalo and a wolf.

Day 6 | Brent Dittman

Today we went back to move more rocks at the church. We finished the project today and we’re heading to Yellowstone tomorrow morning at 5am and we probably wont be back until 3am Thursday morning. If I don't see a live buffalo tomorrow I’m gonna flip out. Bill told me to try to ride one if I see one, I don’t think I’m going to take his advice or not. We got smoothies again today and yet again i got another strawberry one and it was as good as yesterdays. We playing cards in a minute so I'm gonna go. I miss and love everybody back home and can’t wait to see you when I get back.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Megan Frame

Today was our first day of work! It was so HOT! About one o’clock the thermostat on the car read 107 degrees! We were in full sun from around 10:45am to 3:00pm. I don’t think I got burnt, thankfully. After about an hour of picking up rocks and passing rocks and throwing rocks ranging anywhere from a football to a baseball in size, I started getting some anger in my heart thinking about what a non-important job. Who was going to notice anyway? And then I started hearing the Lord speak to my heart…and by the time I got finished today, I’m still not “thrilled” with the job, but I’m realizing that more than just helping the people out here, I’m able to allow the Lord to work in my heart and change my attitude. Thanks for the prayers. Love and miss everyone at home!

Day 5 | Riley Skeens

Day One of work started out very slow. We went to go set up for VBS and decided to pick up some trash around the playground. I did not know that one park could accumulate so much trash and firecrackers. Then, it was off to the church to dig up rocks. Little did we know that there were rocks under the rocks. Needless to say, I never want to see another rock again! As the week continues, I am excited to see what God has in store for our groups.

Day 5 | Eladio Mazon

Rocks and more rocks – We had a good crew moving rocks all day long. We all had a good time doing what they had asked us to do. We had 11 kids for Bible school and tomorrow , I am sure , we will have more. Before the rocks we cleaned up the park and got to mingle a bit with the indian kids. By the time we got to the camp everybody that was on the rock detail was pretty tired. We will rest and finish the rock task by tomorrow, God willing.

Day 5 | William Forbush

I had a good time for working the first day. It was pretty hot but it wasn’t that bad I moved a lot of rock out of the front of the church. We had to move it to get it out of the way to get black tarp under it im excited for tomorrow.

Day 5 | Mickey Skeens

First actual day of work and it was a hot one. The temperature stayed around 100-105 today, and no shad where we were working. My crew was to remove a section of stone around the church and take out the weeds and then lay filter fabric down to keep the weeds from growing back. There is around 150 ton of stone that had to be removed, fortunately we had a skid steer to work with. I was in it for the most of the day (Rob Flint it brought back many memories of our job in Burnsville). We were able to get about half of it done today with the anticipation of completing it tomorrow and moving on to the next job. I had a great group to work with, never knew you could have so much fun chucking rocks from one pile to another and then putting them back again. Marcy I miss and love you, kiss the girls for me.

Day 5 | Michelle Shaver

Today was long and hot. We started the day cleaning up the park that they were going to have VBS. Our next job was to clean out a section in the back of the church that had rocks and weeds in it. We were taking the rocks out, putting down a black tarp, then putting the rocks back. We had an assembly line for different parts of the job. Every time I threw one Eladio had another one to give me. It was comical if I thought too much about it. The morning passed by quickly. After lunch is when it got really hot. I think the temperature was 95 degrees today. It was a long afternoon in the heat. When the shade came on the back side of the church where we were working it made it more manageable. Also when we cleared out enough rock Micky could use the Bobcat to put rocks on the tarp which made the work go faster. I thought we accomplished a lot today and hope my arms can hold out for tomorrow.

Day 5 | Contessa Morlan

I was hot today the was first and by far the most important. We had VBS today and we had about 12 kid and they did want to leave. After VBS we went to pant a two-story house. I have been blessed these last few days because I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the youth I other wised would not get to spend any time with. This is a wonderful experience and I am truly blessed to have been presented with the opportunity to come. God working here in Montana. I love and miss all my family and friends back home.

Day 5 | Jerry Morris

Hi mom love you. We are doing fine. Hope you are taking good care of my dog.

Day 5 | Vern Frame

Today was a very productive day. It started out by cleaning the park, then we went to the rock removal crew. Then on to the painting a two story house. We got to meet a wonderful lady and her grandkids. Two of the younger kids asked if they could help so we let them. Colleen also jumped in and was helping with painting her house. We had a contest on who had the least paint on them. Well I know I didn’t win. I am looking for to what God has in store for me tomorrow. After coming back to cam Jarren and I jumped into the mowing of the camp. He taught me how to drive a zero turn lawn mower. I really liked it.

Day 5 | Paul Summers

Remember what I said about the mosquitoes yesterday? Well, I wasn’t kidding. Eladio went to slap one with his hat, and the mosquito promptly disarmed him and threw his hat across the room. I am on the painting crew. It’s a two-story house… and no one brought ladders today. It was so hot that the peanut butter on my sandwich melted. I had another good day, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me this week.

Day 5 | Hannah Dittman

Today was so fun! We all started at the Play Ground cleaning up the park. But I was only there for an hour. After that, a smaller group went to the church to pick up rocks. But I was only there for an hour and a half. Finally, a group of us went to a house that we painted. The family there was supper nice! I stayed in one spot for 3 or 4 hours! But we finally got that spot done! There were two kids at the house Joseph and John, who wanted to paint. So, I let them paint with me. Then Joseph stepped in paint and I had to clean his foot! Then they wanted me to watch them jump on the trampoline. So, I watched them. Until I had to paint a window above the sub roof. After that we cleaned up and headed to the camp. But before we got to the camp we stopped at DQ! I had so much fun today and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for the rest of the week!

Day 5 | Emily Conley

Today was a great first day of work! After riding in the vans for so long, I was very excited to start working today. I started my day off with the VBS crew; we had 12 kids there today, and they all seemed to really enjoy it. The kids definitely warmed up to us by the end of the day. I then headed to the church where we moved rocks out of the back to put a liner underneath and then put the rocks back on top. It was actually pretty entertaining and not near as hot as I expected it to be. Right now, we’re all hanging out playing cards as it looks like a storm is starting to roll in. I can’t wait to see how God uses me and the rest of our team to impact His kingdom this week. Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

Day 5 | Bill Morlan

Day one of work is in the books. What a day it was, 107 degrees. Oh yea, it was hot. I’m sure that you have already heard about the jobs so I won’t bore you again. My part today was rock throwing. For all of you old mission trippers, yes we moved another rock pile, three times. We had to get them out of the ground, they were driven it by a grader and pile them. Then we had to move them out of the way to put the plastic down and then put them on the plastic. We are about 1/3 of the way done. We didn’t get started until about 10:45 this morning, was suppose to start at 8. Everyone worked hard and we got a lot of work done. Tomorrow, Lord willing we should finish up our jobs and then start new ones on Thursday. On Wednesday we will make the journey to Yellowstone on our day off. To say it is hot is an understatement and we are going through the water. Today we took a break at around 2:00pm and there was a vender at the church that we bought smoothies for the group. It was the first one I have ever had and the coldness was awesome. I’m sure that there will be no trouble sleeping for the group tonight and we are starting earlier in the morning to try and beat some of the heat. Keep us in your prayers and we will talk to you all later. Love you Bron, boys and my girls.

Day 5 | Jarren Morlan

Our first full day and it was HOT!!! However, it was beyond a blessing. We started out the day working and cleaning up the park for the VBS for the week. Logan Gibson and I tried to win the prize of “Fullest Trash-bag” which we dominated and even collected a Bike Tire!!! After cleaning up the park, the majority of our group began removing rocks from the church; however, my group would have to leave before completion so such a “SOLID” project. My personal group traveled to a nearby town and were supposed to paint a 2 story house for a lovely lady named Colleen (spelling may be wrong). She is a nice, caring lady who raises her grandkids while her daughter recently underwent surgery on her foot and moved in with Colleen for the time being. The kids were high strung, and playing the entire time we worked, they enjoyed jumping on the trampoline, paying with the water hose and even wrestling like Turtles. The kids eventually wanted to assist painting the house; however, they couldn't reach too high, but we loved their effort. Colleen even helped the majority of the time painting and talking to us about the area, answering questions, and providing personal stories of her life and her grandkids. You could tell she is a proud Grandmother. We painted the house to the best of our abilities, we only had 1 ladder so Jordan Skidmore sat on my shoulders for a while so we could reach higher. Logan Gibson and I stood on the roof for the longest time painting as high and far as we could reach from our standing place on a wooden shingled roof. It was so much hotter on the roof than the ground so Logan and I drank A LOT of water; however, I still felt dehydrated by the end of the day. Our group had to stop production because it was time to disperse; however, we had accomplished so much today at the house and I was beyond proud of my group and so glad the Lord has blessed me with such hard workers today. I look forward to tomorrow's activities, even though we will be without shade and on ladders the entire time. It will be a good time for sure! Love you all and thank you for your prayers.

Day 5 | Jordan Skidmore

Today was our first full day working in the heat. Although is may be hot, I am enjoying every moment with everyone. Through the heat we are still able to laugh and work hard, and we could not do it without Christ. In the beginning of our bible study while we were singing I couldn't do anything but smile to the sound of everyone praising the Lord, no matter the atmosphere we are in.

Day 5 | Jasmine Leake

It was our first day of work, and VBS today. I went to VBS first and Logan and I sang and helped. All the kids were great and I loved getting to see their smiles. After VBS I went to the church and started moving rocks. I never would've thought that throwing rocks could be so much fun. Although it was very hot outside I had a blast moving the rocks out, laying paper down and putting the rocks back. I am very excited to see what is in store for the rest of the trip.

Day 5 | Wendy Summers

I am kinda brain dead at the moment…Today was a long day FULL of work! The house we began painting is owned by Colleen. She bought the house at auction in the fall of 2016. She had hoped to move in with her sick, elderly mom, but before she was able to, her mom passed away. This made it very difficult for her to move into the house…until she was evicted and had no choice. When she did finally move in, her daughter and five grandchildren moved in with her. She misses her mom terribly so please pray for her. And I found my new favorite drink at Taco Johns. It’s called Prickly Pear Sparkling Lemonade. YUMMY!!!! Thank you Lord for both the big and the small things!!!!

Day 5 | Andrew McCallister

today we got our first jobs mine was to move rocks out of where they were so we put a tarp down and put some rocks over that then we took a break and got drinks from a truck. a go`t an italian soda and it was amazing i might get another tomorow.

Day 5 | Brent Dittman

I had kitchen duty today which wasn't that bad. I started the work day at VBS and i will be there everyday we have VBS as i have been deemed the Story Master for the week. Today my story was about creation and Adam and Eve. We had a small crowd at VBS today but the kids had fun and thats what its all about. I worked at the church after VBS moving rocks just to put paper down and put the rocks back onto the paper. It was a hot one today but we did get to get smoothies from a vending truck that is funded by the church we were working at. The smoothy i got was very good, it was a strawberry one with homemade whipped creme. We had hot dogs and mac-a-cheese for dinner so those of you that know me well know what i had for dinner. We’re about to start our bible study but first I'm going to take a shower so i don't stink up the cabin tonight. I love and miss everyone back home and can’t wait to see everyone.

Day 5 | Mary White

Today was a very great day. I stared the day by picking up trash in the park with our whole group. After the park I went to the church to move a lot of rocks, after the rocks was moved once. We had to move them again on a back tarp to make the grass not grow. I have to say moving rocks sounds easy but its not because there was a lot more rocks to move then what Bill, Lloyd, and Micky thought. However it was a great time to work with everyone and get to use every muscles in my body but that is a good thing because I am getting a work out that I needed a long time ago.

Day 5 | Lori Dittman

Today was a great day! I started the day picking up trash in the park with our entire crew. It was good to see the park clean for the kids and we had a fun time doing it! At the church we moved rocks…a lot of rock, but once again this crew makes a task enjoyable. I was pulled off the “rock quarry” to go paint for a very nice lady, Colleen. We were short on ladders so we painted what could be reached, and improvised to reach other places. Colleen and her three sweet grandsons also helped us paint. She asked us what where we were going next. I told her we were going back to West Virginia and start some projects. Colleen shared one of her dreams is to build small houses for people. One of the things I am blessed by on mission trips is the opportunities to talk with people that I meet and those that are on this trip with me. To hear their stories and to have time to listen is a blessing. My painting crew was fantastic. It was a hot day! I don't know the temperature, but sometimes the paint would begin drying on the brushes. We are getting taller ladders tomorrow and should finish. Miss you. Thank you for your continued prayers! Love to all. I am very thankful!

Day 5 | Logan Morlan

Well i started out in VBS today playing music, it wasn't bad but i have a problem starting out each day in VBS. Usually on mission trips Russell, Tyler, myself and several (certain) others don't join the VBS crews, normally we are sent straight to the project sights without delay and told to get things started. It has always been that system for years and now i find myself wrestling against my desire to work. I know that God is trying to teach me something but its getting harder and harder to keep my mind focused on God’s lesson when MY desire is to jump into the work. I hope that i don't spend the whole week wrestling so hard that i miss out on the miracles in front of me.

Day 5 | Preston Allison

WE FINALLY WORKED!!! Today was a great day! We started the day off eating breakfast at 7:00. After breakfast we headed to the park where VBS would be held. We picked up tonsssss of trash and straighten up the park for an hour or so. Then those of us who were not a part of the VBS for the first day left and went to the church site. At the church site we picked up loads and loads of rocks that were behind the church and “ stacked “ them in the parking lot. After about an hour and a half some of us went to the house site where we painted and painted and painted! It was so much fun! The homeowner came out and helped and before we left she gave us some watermelon. We came back to the camp site and I did some weed eating around the grounds..( hopefully the mosquitos will leave! ) Can’t waiter dinner Logan is making homemade mac and cheese!! Excited for tomorrow because we will finish painting the house.

Day 5 | Trey Jack

Day 5 and we started work. We all started at the park to pick up trash but i stayed since it was my day for VBS. I taught a lesson with a Fidget Spinner and how the 3 side represents God, the Father, and the Holy Spirt while the middle represented us. While I spun it, I stoped it saying that is sin trying to stop the flow. After that, we ate at the church and helped move rock out in the back to lay a tarp to put the rocks back on. We got the back all done so hopefully we can bust it out and finish it!

Day 5 | Amber Frame

Day 5, the first day of working and vbs. We started out at the park all of us went and picked up all the trash and we swept off the basketball quart that had glass all over it. After Jarren, William, and I were finished sweeping we walked to the church and met up with the some of the group that was throwing rocks. We went straight to work throwing rocks into a big pile. Bill told the some of us that we were going to go paint a house and after a while of throwing rocks we left to our job. When we got there we met the owner of the house Colleen she was so nice we also met her some of her grandson John, Marcees, and Joseph (pony boy). The two boys John and Joseph ask if they could help us paint so mom let them they loved every second of it. We are now back at the camp for the evening the wind is blowing really hard we were on a tornado watch but don't worry we are not now. It was an awesome day of serving the Lord.

Day 5 | Logan Gibson

Today was our first day of work and VBS. We started out the morning by cleaning the park. It took all 31 of us around an hour to pick up all the trash. Boy did we find some interesting things! After cleaning the park, we had around a dozen kiddos come for VBS. It took them a while to warm up to us, but we had a great morning! They all were so diligent making their crafts and were really attentive during the lesson and songs. We played duck, duck, goose for our game and everyone enjoyed it. It was amazing to see their faces light up when someone chose them! Hopefully we will have more kids tomorrow morning! After we finished VBS, we went to the church to move rocks. It reminded me of hauling buckets of concrete in Haiti except much lighter! Bill came back from another worksite and had Logan M., Tess, and me go to a house to paint. I spent most of the afternoon on the roof rolling and trimming. I had a blast working along side Jarren and Preston who I hadn't gotten to spend much time with on the journey here. Thanks everyone at home who are praying for us. I think we are all ready to continue our jobs tomorrow!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Bill Morlan

I guess I am the last one to write. As you can tell we made it safely and have settled into camp. It was nice to see old friends and to talk for a while. It is always nice to see Kenny and his dad. We have our jobs now, not what we were told before we left but thats ok. It is suppose to be over 100 degrees today, yesterday got to 109. Some of the kids went to Yellowtail dam with me yesterday and swam for a little bit. We made a walmart run about 70 miles away the night we got here only to find out they would not let us in because it was closing in 2 minutes. That was a bummer, then we go to download these blogs last nite and we find out McDonalds is closed. Long trips with no results. We are doing fine, pray for us and watch us on the web page. Love ya bron, boys and my girls.

Day 4 | Logan Gibson

We arrived late yesterday evening to the camp and it is just how I remember it! After we got everything unloaded from the vans, we were able to take showers. The showers were icy and it was a riot hearing everyone yell when they turned the water on! I tried not to complain though because a cold shower was better than no shower at all. This morning we were able to join the Spirit of Life church for service. It was amazing to hear Kenny lead worship and bring a message about disobedience. Everyone at the church was friendly and excited to see us. After church, a few of us went to Walmart in Billings. Mickey and I were expert bargain shoppers and got away with a four full carts of food and drinks for $501. I was on meal prep this evening so I was right at home in the kitchen. We had burgers, mac and cheese, and watermelon and it was awesome. Tonight we had bible study and prepped for VBS tomorrow. I can’t wait to see all the kiddos :)

Day 4 | Mickey Skeens

Yesterday was a very long day of driving. We left at 7:00 in the morning and went to Wall Drug South Dakota, there we stopped for a couple of hours for lunch and to left everyone do some shopping. We then finished the drive to Crow Agency Montana and arrived around 8:00. Everyone got settled in and we make a shopping list and 4 of us headed out to the local Wal-Mart. Which was an hour and 10 minutes away, Once we got there at 11:58pm we were greeted at the door just to be told that they are closed and this was a Walmart Super Center. They said they would not reopen until 4:00am. So we returned back to camp at 1:45 in the morning. I was ready to sleep in as we did not need to be up until 8:00 for breakfast and then to get ready for church. Being that I am used to getting up at 5:00 I was wide awake at 5:20 this morning. Stupid body alarm clock. Today was a great day in service with our Crow family. After service we finally made it to a Walmart that was open and we got our shopping done, Good evening with all and had a great bible study. Looking forward to getting the work projects started tomorrow. Also thanks for all the prayers Riley is feeling much better.

Day 4 | Mary White

Today was out first full day in Montana. We attended church and had communion. There communion is a lot different from ours back at home instead of having it together. We had communion by our self also had to walk up to get it, however it was very nice to have communion a different way. Also there church family was very friendly and welcoming to have us there. After church we went to get some lunch some of us ate at pizza hut , at this pizza hut today there was only one person getting table and fixing the food. I order a pasta and a salad I got my salad but I never got my pasta so for lunch I was very blessed that some of the group shared there food with me. I didn't have to pay for my lunch. However there was one great thing that happen some of us took a trip to Yellow Tail Dam it was very beauty I took a lot of pictures can't wait to show you'll when I get back. Please contine to pray for me and the rest of the group. I want to give a shout out to my Monday night class thinking about you all and miss all of you.

Day 4 | Jasmine Leake

Today was our first full day in Montana. We attended church and all of the people there were so nice and welcoming. After church we went and ate lunch and then some of us took a trip to Walmart for groceries. I am looking forward to our first day of working tomorrow and VBS.

Day 4 | Lori Dittman

Today we went to church, and had communion. Kenny Pretty On Top recognized Bill for his service and friendship over the years. Their church and the people are beautiful and make you feel welcomed. After church we journeyed to Yellow Tail Recreation Park and some went swimming. I am in awe of the scenery. I have taken so many pictures and they will not be able to show the beauty that surrounds us. I am looking forward to the work and VBS. I miss you and love to all. Please continue to pray for us.

Day 4 | Riley Skeens

our first day in Montana went very well. We went to Kenny’s church and got to hear him preach. Then, we went out to eat and headed back to the camp. I have slept the whole day, so I don't know about what the rest of the group did. I am excited to see what God has in store for us during the week!

Day 4 | Jordan Skidmore

Our first full day here in Montana was certainly a good one. God could not have blessed me with better people to spend my week with.

Day 4 | Eladio Mazon

Got to the camp at about 8:30 PM and we set up our cabin with 7 guys in it . It was pretty hot at the beginning but it cooled off when it got at about 10. The mosquitos were huge! I got up too early Sunday morning at 5 AM. And had to wander about and I went ahead and prayed and did my devotions for 2 days. Went to church AND they had an unusual way of having communion, they had the bread in cellophane on the top of the wine. I got to talk to a lot of new people and it was very enjoyable. By the time that we finished with lunch it was about 105 to 109 ; even the cows were looking for shade. We ended up going to Yellow Tail Dam for a swim , The youth got in the water and we had to cut it short because rain and violent winds came upon us. We are getting ready for Monday’s work and everybody is excited about that . We will be sorting out VBS stuff tonite and cleaning up before going to bed. Hoping that God will be there tomorrow.

Day 4 | Emily Conley

We made it to the Crow Nation! Yesterday we arrived, unloaded the vans, and settled into our cabins for the night. My cabin is very prepared with an adequate amount of bug repellent even though the mosquitoes got me good before I even made it to the cabin! They’re seriously unreal. This morning we went to church and heard Kenny Prettyontop Jr. preach. We arrived back at the camp only to get back in the van with our swimsuits to head to Yellowtail Dam. The water was pretty cold, and it ended up being super rough on our swim back in because a storm was rolling in, but it was still fun. When we got back, Jarren and Bill grilled hamburgers for dinner, and Preston and I serenaded them with our ukuleles while they cooked; I think we’re getting pretty good if I say so myself. I’m so excited to finally get to work tomorrow and to see how God will use me this week to show His love and build His kingdom.

Day 4 | Preston Allison

I am going to write about two days since we didn’t blog yesterday. Yesterday we arrived at the camp…needless to say I was shocked. As soon as we crossed the first cattle guard Bill said that all the land you can see is the reservation. I can’t describe how beautiful and breathing this land is! As soon as we arrived at the camp the MOSQUITOS STARTED EATING US ALIVE!!! We finally got settled in and hit bed around 11:00. Today we started the day off at church ( no better way! ) After the church service we headed to lunch. Around 4:30 we arrived at Yellowtail Dam, we went for a swim and the water was COLD! All together it has been a pretty good day! My favorite part was getting to go to the dam and jam with Emily.

Day 4 | Paul Summers

For being in a cabin full of snorers, I had a surprisingly good night of sleep. Me and Andrew had a mosquito killing festival in our cabin. To say they are bad out here is an extreme understatement. You had better kill them on the first slap or else you will get involved in a fight against an angry mosquito. I didn’t end up swimming when I went to the lake with the others; I ended up climbing on a rock cliff mining flint.

Day 4 | Andrew McCallister

After wall drugs yesterday the last for hour seemed longer than the whole trip when we got here we slept at eleven thank fully no one snored today we went to the lake and swam for about half an hour before it got stormy tomorrow we start working.

Day 4 | Vern Frame

Well since we did not have the time to blog yesterday I will attempt to make this longer than my usual. Yesterday was a long and hardest day in the trip. We were able to visit Wall drugs. Which is very interesting in all the different items they carry. They offered something for all ages there. Today was slow passed but very rewarding. We got to meet a few of the Crow people. They are very sweet and I enjoyed talking to them. This one really touched my heart. I can not remember his name but his story was amazing. He was an Army Veteran and had server several tours in the viet Nam war. He was due to go home missed his plane so decided to reenlist. He told me yesterday he laid his wife to rest. So please say a prayer for him. There are horses and cows every where which is right up my alley. I am just so thankful that God chose me to come to Montana to serve Him.

Day 4 | Trey Jack

Day 3 and 4 where pretty eventful. The last stretch was crazy as it got to the point that Linda was seeing hay bales as animal heard and Emily and Preston got slap happy with Hannah in the middle. Day 3 we finally arrive to the camp with little cabin-like buildings where we sleep. Day 4 we went to the native church for morning service. They sung twice as many songs and each one lead into the next. We ate then decided to go for a swim at Yellowtail. Before we left, we got gas and Lorie decided to get us water. Each 1 gallons! The swim felt good till a kid almost got hit by a non-working boat then had a panic attack and almost drowned. By the time we got back, everyone thought we forgot Paul. Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of work so I’m excited to see what happens.

Day 4 | Michelle Shaver

Day 3 and 4. Yesterday was a long day of traveling. We stopped at Wall Drug for about 2 hours and shopped. Then got back in the car for 5 or 6 hours. It was nice to get to the camp and unpack everything. They had just turned on the hot water and there were several of us who braved the cold shower. I thought it would be like a pool cold. I was wrong, it was colder! Nevertheless, we had a good day. Today we went to church and met some of the locals. They were very welcoming. We have several projects lined up for tomorrow and I am excited to start! We went to Yellowtail Dam and watched some of the kids’ swim. Tomorrow starts are first workday. Keep us in your prayers- we need strength for the day and the mind to push through the heat.

Day 4 | Contessa Morlan

We didn’t get to blog yesterday all I can say is that it was a long ride. We are all in our cabins unpacked and ready to work tomorrow. I’m still not sure of what we are going to do tomorrow but I do know that it was be for God and that’s all that matters. We went to church today and it was different but it was a very nice service and I enjoyed it very much. After church, we went to get food came back to the camp and went to yellowtail dam. Where a storm came in fast Jarren had to jump in a get a boy that couldn’t make it back in ( it was not any of our kids) but a boat got to him before Jarren could. All and all it was a pretty eventful day. Love to all my family and friends back home.

Day 4 | Megan Frame

Well, it’s only the first day and we’ve already had so many adventures. I cant even imagine what the next week holds! We went to take showers last night… with no hot water!! It was so cold, I think that we completed them in 60 seconds. Bill didn’t lie about the mosquitoes! After we got here I almost got carried off! Thankfully my bug spray is working and I only have two bug bites so far. I slept ok since the air conditioner started working and then we started freezing, but that’s all part of the experience! I’m excited to start work tomorrow, even though I have no idea what we’re doing. :) Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to serve the Lord. Love and Miss to Mom and Moriah

Day 4 | Tim Frame

Today started very early after a very short night. We needed some items from walmart just like we do (all the time it seems) . A few of us traveled an hour to find out that walmart closed 2 minutes from the time we got there, they would not let us in. when we got back to the camp I discovered that the hot water heaters had unwired and we had no hot water in the shower house. So that need to be fixed before my shower time. That took a while so it was after 0200 when I got to the cabin. Please continue to remember Travis Blake he is not doing very good and they have had to move him to ICU.

Day 4 | Wendy Summers

Since we did not blog yesterday I thought I would share about all the squeals that were coming out of the shower house last night. We had NO hot water! It was funny to hear others…not so much fun to experience it myself! As for today, the service at church was wonderful. And all the folks we met were warm, friendly, and welcoming. I did not get to go to the dam in the afternoon. We took a crew to Walmart to get supplies. So imagine my surprise when I returned to the camp and was informed that Paul had finally conquered his fear of heights! Apparently Bill convinced him to jump off a 50ft cliff! Needless to say, Bill cooked up the whole thing. My response in seeing Paul all in one piece and fine…great, did you have fun? I do not think that was the response they were expecting!

Day 4 | Amber Frame

Today we attended Kenny’s church, it was a great service and there were very nice people there welcoming us. After church we went out to eat then some of us made our way back to camp and the others went to Walmart. While we were on our way back to camp Bill decided we were going to go to Yellowtail Dam. It was so gorgeous up on that mountain. There was a boy swimming out to the rocks and was struggling to make it back in to the dock he started to drown and Jarren dove in the water to save him but a boat went by and grabbed him right before Jarren got to him. We have saw so many horses which for me makes this trip so much better. I am so excited to see what the lord brings the rest of this week.

Day 4 | Hannah Dittman

We attended Kenny’s church today. It was a nice service, I really enjoyed it! After church we went to Hardin to eat. Mom and I went to Pizza Hut. It was alright. After we ate, we went back to the cabins and changed clothes to go to Yellowtail Dam. I did not swim in the lake but the scenery was beautiful! Then the wind started to pick up and a kid almost drowned but Jarren dove in the water after him! I was very worried for the boy and Jarren. The boats where going in every direction. Right before Jarren reached the kid and boat picked him up. Jarren made his way back to the dock. So today was quite an adventure but I am very excited for this week. I miss everyone back home, including my dog!

Day 4 | Brent Dittman

Today we went to church but adjusting to the time change was a struggle as I woke up at 5 thinking it was 7. The church reminded me or our church back home with the setup of the church and the sermon. We had communion at the church today which was a blessing to be apart of. We went to Yellowtail, which is a swimming hole behind a dam it’s basically like the bee run of Montana. There was a kid that was swimming back to shore from some rocks and a boat almost hit him. He started yelling for help and without hesitation Jarren was off like a missile through the water. A different boat beat Jarren to him but Jarren didn't stop, he kept going to make sure the kid could get onto the boat. We left there because of a storming blowing in and we just got back so we’re gonna eat dinner and do bible study then head to bed as our first day or work starts tomorrow. I miss everyone back home and can’t wait to see all of you when i return.

Day 4 | William Forbush

Today was fun there church the way they did it was different. I also went to a pond and a storm came and a kid could hardly swim and jarren went in and tried to save him. A boat beat jarren to the kid to get him out of the water.

Day 4 | Logan Morlan

Well today was pretty awesome we got to go to the church and hear Kenny preach/ lead worship, he is a very skilled musician. Then after church we went out to eat and then we headed back to the camp to try and locate a swimming hole known as YellowTale. It has been many many years since I went there in fact the last time I was there I had Micah by my side; our last mission together; brings back some memories. When we went today to swim the wind was insanely strong and it made it kinda hard to swim; one kid was swimming in the water and a boat got caught in the wind and almost hit him. He started screaming for help and then like a real life super man Jarren dove in after him; he swam out to save this kid and it was truly an amazing sight. He didn't even know this kid but he didn't care, he just reacted and even though a boat beat Jarren to this boy (only by a second) he still continued to swim toward him to make sure that he could get aboard. There are a lot of people in this world who claim to be heroes/ role models and declare that they should be admired for their efforts, but today my brother Jarren was a true hero and a real inspiration to me. Im glad i got to see my brother try to help someone; YellowTale may just be a swimming hole to some but for me its a lake full of amazing memories.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 2 | Andrew McCallister

Today didn't start off to good I got into a fight with the waffle iron at breakfast and burned myself. But the rest of the day got better the car ride was short and we ate at dairy queen and golden corral i had six ice creams and i felt like i was going to puke the rest of the day. this day was awesome can't wait for wall drugs tomorrow.

Day 2 | William Forbush

I had a good day today. The food was amazing.the van ride was super short to. Im excited for wall drugs.

Day 2 | Trey Jack

Today wasn't too bad. Slept some more on and off. I had a funny conversation with Hannah Dittman about books which lead to PLL (Pretty Little Liars) and how I have still yet to watch the season finally. After stuff my face a Golden Corral, my van had a fun ride back laughing at different categories Lorie Dittman would name for us to sing about. The pool here is nice because I could go to the deep end without my head going under! I’m ready for tomorrow and what adventure awaits us.

Day 2 | Preston Allison

Driving today went super fast! We stopped for lunch around 11:40..had me a DQ blizzard! Made another song with Emily ( Featured on periscope ). Had an awesome time on the van singing and playing the uke! Topped the evening off with a bible study about Joy. Excited about tomorrow and all the country I will see!

Day 2 | Brent Dittman

Today driving was very short, we had a great breakfast at the hotel and headed out at about 8ish. We picked up Logan at 12 and ate lunch. We got to the hotel about about 3 and checked in, i went swimming with Will, Andrew, Logan, and Tess. we had dinner at golden corral which was alright, not my favorite restaurant but it was probably the cheapest for that big of a group. We got back to the hotel and did our group bible study and then i went swimming again with Will, Andrew, Logan, Amber, and Trey. Gonna head to bed, got a long day tomorrow, probably the longest so far.

Day 2 | Jarren Morlan

Today was our second day of driving and it honestly went super fast! the morning started out with a delicious breakfast at the hotel and some great company while I drove the morning shift. Had some great conversation with Jordan Skidmore and Jack Friend since i do not get the chance to talk to them much. Dinner was great and the hotels are awesome! going to get some sleep now. long day of driving tomorrow.

Day 2 | Jack Friend

first two days have seen a lot of flat and corn fields. driving and sleepin’, enjoying the fellowship with everyone and hearing them tell of what they have gotten and liked best about our Bible study.

Day 2 | Lloyd Ramsey

Having a great time as usual, getting excited to see old friends and to have them meet the new ones we have with us.

Day 2 | Tim Frame

i have had an enjoyable day. Unlike most I had a wonderful night sleep. prayer request ,please remember Travis Blake.

Day 2 | Eladio Mazon

We have a pretty good singing group in our van today. Could not believe that we did not see any crows among all that corn that we passed all day long. Looking forward to getting to our destination. God is waiting for us there.

Day 2 | Paul Summers

I had a pretty good day today, except for the minor issues that arose from being in a seat that is built exactly the right size…for some one five foot six. The snacks make up for this (Thanks for the pepperoni rolls, Maresa). The atmosphere in the van is surprisingly quiet, due to the amount of sleep everyone but me gets. I read or watch the cornfields and windmills go by (492 cornfields, 1,386 windmills).

Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 1 | Mickey Skeens

Day One Mission Montana is in the books. Long day of driving, most of the morning was in the rain, and it keep the temperature cool. My midday the rain was gone and all blue skies. Had a good group to travel with, enjoyed listening to them talk about the views as this was the first time for most my vehicle to be west of the Mississippi. Looking forward to another great day of travel tomorrow. I also enjoyed listening to everyone share at this evenings bible study.

Day 1 | Emily Conley

Day One of Mission Trip: Montana 2017 is officially in the books! My day consisted of 1.) Sitting in a van…and that’s about it. The journey to our stop for the night in Iowa was much quicker than I had anticipated which was for a sure a major highlight of the day. I also really enjoyed catching up with church family that I haven’t seen in a while! I know God put each person on this team for a purpose, and I am so excited to grow alongside them. I am praying that my team and I will reflect Christ’s love to all the people we come in contact with; I can’t wait to see how God’s Kingdom is built through this trip! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

Day 1 | Michelle Shaver

This is my first mission trip and I am excited to be going and sharing this experience with my son. I saw the sunrise this morning. The sky was so pink and mixed with the clouds made for a beautiful start to the day. As the drive continued there was a cool fountain spraying water in the river near Dayton and we saw many wind turbines and lots and lots of corn! The van ride was quiet for the first half of the day. I wasn’t sure what to expect with seven people in the same vehicle but it turned out well and I it was great to get to talk and play games with several of the youth and Vern.

Day 1 | Contessa Morlan

From what I remember of the van trip (because I was sleep half the time) it was fun. I did get to see every stated line the we entered beside Ohio but I have seen that one plenty of times. We played games and enjoyed the scenery this is the farthest I have ever been west before so it was cool to be sharing my experience with my some of my family. Love and miss all my family back home but I have a feeling that God is going to do great things on this trip.

Day 1 | Mary White

Got caught up on sleep!

Day 1 | Jordan Skidmore

On our way to Montana early this morning I was still a little unsure about being a part of this trip. I was so indecisive about coming that I decided around 9:00 last night. As I say this, I am also able to say that not once have I regretted coming. I have already had such a great time with people that I don’t always talk to on a regular basis. From our van ride to right now I have made several awesome memories and I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks has in store for everyone during our walk with Christ.

Day 1 | Megan Frame

This is my first mission trip out of county. I am super excited to be able to serve the Lord in this way. Even though we didn’t do much today (mostly slept), it was still a very enjoyable day. I have never been further west than Ohio, so to be able to see Indiana, Illinois and to be in Iowa is amazing and surreal. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful sunrise just outside Dayton, Ohio to start the morning and we had mostly sunny and clear weather the rest of the trip. We had an incredible Bible time this evening, I’ve already made a ton of memories and I’m very anxious to see what adventures tomorrow holds!

Day 1 | Riley Skeens

Today was our first day on the road to Montana. I honestly slept most of the way here, but the times I was not asleep I got to know the passengers on my van. Even though I go to church with them, I normally just give a smile and move on with my Sunday morning. But today I really got to talk to the members of my van. I learned that many of the people that I was riding with had some of the same passions for Christ as I did. It was amazing to see that even though I have known them my whole life, a long van ride brought us closer together than just passing by each other every Sunday mornings!

Day 1 | Bill Morlan

Day one is in the books! Had some heavy rains at times but in all, it was a good day to travel. Not much traffic and we only made 2 stops for gas and went to the bathroom then and ate. Made real good time traveling. Got to the motel and some of the kids swam and played board games. This old guy just relaxed in his room. We pick up Logan Gibson tomorrow in Omaha and then move on into South Dakota. We have about 12-13 hours of traveling tomorrow. Keep us in your prayers.

Day 1 | Logan Morlan

Well we have had a great first day, slept for about 4 hours on the van, played 21 questions, and started eating out of my snack stash. I love going to Montana, its one of my favorite mission trips we take and as we get closer and closer towards our final destination I am reminded of my previous trips and the great memories that i have made. I remember the “out of gas” windmills, and getting to see Yellowtale with Micah along with several other precious memories. I got to hear my father in law share tonight during our bible study, it was really eye opening for me; I hope that the Lord continues to bless us as we travel.

Day 1 | William Forbush

I slept most of the ride but I'm excited to get to Montana. I swam a lot of the time i was here at the hotel. The pizza place we ate at today was amazing.

Day 1 | Andrew McCallister

This was a fun day we did a lot of things i went swimming twice and played marco polo in the pool both times i slept a lot through the car ride so i wasn't staring out the window the whole time. Cant wait for the rest ov the days here

Day 1 | Hannah Dittman

Today was a good day. The ride might have been long, but I sleep a good bit of it! I am excited to see what God has planned for us over the next week.

Day 1 | Vicki Groff

well day one is in the book. It has been real fun. God has been taking wonderful good care of us. Until tomorrow.

Day 1 | Vern Frame

Day one was a blessing from God. Riding in a van with Bill was very informing. I learned stuff about members of our church that is truly amazing. I had the opportunity to get to know the other six travlers in the van. I am looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow.

Day 1 | Amber Frame

Day one was a truly great start, even though we have been sitting in the vans most of the day I have enjoyed myself. We have talked and slept and talked again. The whole day we have been growing closer to those around us those that even though we go to church with we don't get to communicate with often. Its amazing how much you can learn about one person in just 12 hours. We have created new games for the car rides to keep us entertained. Day one was so great i cant wait to see what else God has in store for us.

Day 1 | Lori Dittman

Day one of our mission trip journey is just about complete. Sitting in the comfort of the hotel room I can’t believe how fast the day went by. It helps when you nap on and off during those 13 hours. I am so thankful for our safety we have had so far and for the sights we have have seen. I enjoyed our Bible Study time together listening to everyone share about their favorite study day so far. Thank you for your prayers. Love to you all!

Day 1 | Jasmine Leake

Today was better than what I expected. I had a great group of people in my van. I slept for a while at the beginning of the trip and then on and off throughout the trip, but overall it was just great to get to know some people I don’t always talk to. Even though almost all of us go to the same church we have the chance to get to know them on a more personal level as we serve and travel together these next few weeks. It was a great day and I look forward to getting to know everyone better.

Day 1 | Jarren Morlan

Today I woke up at 2:00 to an alarm that only excited me, our first day of our 12 days of adventure! I was blessed to have a great van while I drove this morning from 3:00-7:15, everyone slept and we were able to cruise without any issues or problems. Jack took over the wheel after our first pit stop and I slept for a few hours which was nice. Afterwards Logan, Tess, Brent, Jordan, and I played 21 Questions which was a lot of fun. We played a few rounds before I took over the wheel again the last 2.5 hours of our journey. It was a great day and I enjoyed riding along with driving with some amazing companions. I look forward to driving tomorrow and another day of adventuring.

Day 1 | Trey Jack

Today wasn't too bad. I dozed in and out of sleep most of the ride. At one point, I woke up half on Eladio’s lap. I helped a little with Emily and Preston’s ukulele song on bladders. Then went back to sleep for a little bit. While we were at dinner, I was stressing back I thought someone stole my wallet but it fell under my chair (probably from the lack of sleep). I can already tell it’s going to be a great week and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Day 1 | Preston Allison

Today was the first day of the mission trip. Leaving at 3’o clock in the morning i thought i would sleep most of the way…but i ended up only getting only an hour and a half of sleep. driving 15 hours seemed like it went by fast but at the same time super slow( considering 10:00 came twice?) . Emily and I had enough time to make a song about bladders (featured on periscope). Tonight we had the opportunity to share what our favorite day was in the bible study. I chose day 22, it was talking about faith and how we need to let go and let God be in control.

Day 1 | Brent Dittman

Today was the earliest but shortest day for me because i slept for most of the 15 hour trip to the motel. We only had to stop twice and that was for gas so we were all pretty proud of that. In my van when i was awake Jarren, Logan, Tess, Jordan, and I played 21 questions until it was Jarren's turn to drive again. We arrived at the motel at about 2:30ish but we are about an hour behind all of you guys back home. We all chilled out around the Motel, some were in their rooms, some were in the pool, some played scrabble or card games. Jarren and I did some cardiovascular stuff in the training room the motel has. We ate at the Pizza Ranch, they played christian music over the loudspeakers, which I thought was pretty cool because most restaurants don't play christian radio stations over the loudspeakers. We just finished our group bible study, we had to pick our favorite day which I choose day 11 because Bill put a quote in the little summary before the study started that day which said “If the reason why you do something is not for a cause greater than you, you will fail.” I never really thought about what that meant until that day and it made me really think about the stuff i do and the reasons i do them. Tomorrow is going to be another long day but it’ll still make memories.