Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 1 | Brent Dittman

Today was the earliest but shortest day for me because i slept for most of the 15 hour trip to the motel. We only had to stop twice and that was for gas so we were all pretty proud of that. In my van when i was awake Jarren, Logan, Tess, Jordan, and I played 21 questions until it was Jarren's turn to drive again. We arrived at the motel at about 2:30ish but we are about an hour behind all of you guys back home. We all chilled out around the Motel, some were in their rooms, some were in the pool, some played scrabble or card games. Jarren and I did some cardiovascular stuff in the training room the motel has. We ate at the Pizza Ranch, they played christian music over the loudspeakers, which I thought was pretty cool because most restaurants don't play christian radio stations over the loudspeakers. We just finished our group bible study, we had to pick our favorite day which I choose day 11 because Bill put a quote in the little summary before the study started that day which said “If the reason why you do something is not for a cause greater than you, you will fail.” I never really thought about what that meant until that day and it made me really think about the stuff i do and the reasons i do them. Tomorrow is going to be another long day but it’ll still make memories.

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