Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Bill Morlan

I guess I am the last one to write. As you can tell we made it safely and have settled into camp. It was nice to see old friends and to talk for a while. It is always nice to see Kenny and his dad. We have our jobs now, not what we were told before we left but thats ok. It is suppose to be over 100 degrees today, yesterday got to 109. Some of the kids went to Yellowtail dam with me yesterday and swam for a little bit. We made a walmart run about 70 miles away the night we got here only to find out they would not let us in because it was closing in 2 minutes. That was a bummer, then we go to download these blogs last nite and we find out McDonalds is closed. Long trips with no results. We are doing fine, pray for us and watch us on the web page. Love ya bron, boys and my girls.

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