Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Michelle Shaver

Yesterday was our day off. It was fun but long. We went to Yellowstone National Park. I would have to say my favorite thing about the whole trip was looking at the mountains. I know we have mountains at home but the view is definitely not the same. Today was my first day at VBS. Andrew and I were in charge of games today. They really like duck, duck, goose so we played that one and simon says. We also were able to teach them a new game which they enjoyed too. After that one of the ladies from the church who sells breakfast and lunch at the church lot made lunch for all of us and tonight there is a relative of Kenny’s coming to made dinner. On the way back from VBS we stopped by Kenny’s house and nailed down the floor to his new house he is building. Kenny’s relative is here now and has brought her family, so many of the kids are playing with her children. And some of the ladies are in the kitchen helping make dinner with her. Tomorrow is our last full day here. Not sure what we will be doing tomorrow the two jobs we have been working on are complete. I have enjoyed my time here and the people that I have meet. Can’t wait to see what we get into tomorrow.

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