Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Wendy Summers

Since we did not blog yesterday I thought I would share about all the squeals that were coming out of the shower house last night. We had NO hot water! It was funny to hear others…not so much fun to experience it myself! As for today, the service at church was wonderful. And all the folks we met were warm, friendly, and welcoming. I did not get to go to the dam in the afternoon. We took a crew to Walmart to get supplies. So imagine my surprise when I returned to the camp and was informed that Paul had finally conquered his fear of heights! Apparently Bill convinced him to jump off a 50ft cliff! Needless to say, Bill cooked up the whole thing. My response in seeing Paul all in one piece and fine…great, did you have fun? I do not think that was the response they were expecting!

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