Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Preston Allison

I am going to write about two days since we didn’t blog yesterday. Yesterday we arrived at the camp…needless to say I was shocked. As soon as we crossed the first cattle guard Bill said that all the land you can see is the reservation. I can’t describe how beautiful and breathing this land is! As soon as we arrived at the camp the MOSQUITOS STARTED EATING US ALIVE!!! We finally got settled in and hit bed around 11:00. Today we started the day off at church ( no better way! ) After the church service we headed to lunch. Around 4:30 we arrived at Yellowtail Dam, we went for a swim and the water was COLD! All together it has been a pretty good day! My favorite part was getting to go to the dam and jam with Emily.

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  1. u need to drink bug spray! and we need video of the next duo!