Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Bill Morlan

Day one of work is in the books. What a day it was, 107 degrees. Oh yea, it was hot. I’m sure that you have already heard about the jobs so I won’t bore you again. My part today was rock throwing. For all of you old mission trippers, yes we moved another rock pile, three times. We had to get them out of the ground, they were driven it by a grader and pile them. Then we had to move them out of the way to put the plastic down and then put them on the plastic. We are about 1/3 of the way done. We didn’t get started until about 10:45 this morning, was suppose to start at 8. Everyone worked hard and we got a lot of work done. Tomorrow, Lord willing we should finish up our jobs and then start new ones on Thursday. On Wednesday we will make the journey to Yellowstone on our day off. To say it is hot is an understatement and we are going through the water. Today we took a break at around 2:00pm and there was a vender at the church that we bought smoothies for the group. It was the first one I have ever had and the coldness was awesome. I’m sure that there will be no trouble sleeping for the group tonight and we are starting earlier in the morning to try and beat some of the heat. Keep us in your prayers and we will talk to you all later. Love you Bron, boys and my girls.

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  1. Hey Honey! As I read all of these posts I am amused at the comments about the rock moving and I wonder if some of them remember the piles and piles of rock moved in Haiti last summer. It does sound like you are dealing with much bigger rocks and much hotter temps so I know that it is not the same but I do find it amusing that God has the team working in rock again. So glad that I got to talk to you today to hear that you are making it through the heat. I know that many are keeping a close eye on you for me and making sure you don't overwork or overheat and I thank them! I love you and look forward to seeing and hearing much more about this trip and how God is working through you and the team! Love you!!