Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Amber Frame

Day 5, the first day of working and vbs. We started out at the park all of us went and picked up all the trash and we swept off the basketball quart that had glass all over it. After Jarren, William, and I were finished sweeping we walked to the church and met up with the some of the group that was throwing rocks. We went straight to work throwing rocks into a big pile. Bill told the some of us that we were going to go paint a house and after a while of throwing rocks we left to our job. When we got there we met the owner of the house Colleen she was so nice we also met her some of her grandson John, Marcees, and Joseph (pony boy). The two boys John and Joseph ask if they could help us paint so mom let them they loved every second of it. We are now back at the camp for the evening the wind is blowing really hard we were on a tornado watch but don't worry we are not now. It was an awesome day of serving the Lord.

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