Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Michelle Shaver

Today was long and hot. We started the day cleaning up the park that they were going to have VBS. Our next job was to clean out a section in the back of the church that had rocks and weeds in it. We were taking the rocks out, putting down a black tarp, then putting the rocks back. We had an assembly line for different parts of the job. Every time I threw one Eladio had another one to give me. It was comical if I thought too much about it. The morning passed by quickly. After lunch is when it got really hot. I think the temperature was 95 degrees today. It was a long afternoon in the heat. When the shade came on the back side of the church where we were working it made it more manageable. Also when we cleared out enough rock Micky could use the Bobcat to put rocks on the tarp which made the work go faster. I thought we accomplished a lot today and hope my arms can hold out for tomorrow.

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