Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 6 | Lori Dittman

Day two of painting and a second great work day! We just about finished! One side and one widow left to trim. Today all the work that had to be done required a ladder. We had a 30 foot ladder, and I am so thankful we had a safe day! This crew is wonderful and will work in the heat without complaint! They will wash brushes, trim, climb, paint, and hold a ladder. They are a joy to work with. Our homeowner is so sweet she gave us fresh watermelon at the end of both very hot days! At night we have bible study after dinner and it has been a wonderful time of sharing! I enjoy so much how God draws a group of individuals closer together as we serve. I am looking forward to visiting Yellowstone and finishing the house. Love to you all. Prayers much appreciated.

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