Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Jasmine Leake

Yellowstone had some amazing scenery. We got to feed some chipmunks on the way and saw buffalo, elk, deer, and so much more. The van ride was so much fun. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life than when Vicki saw elk and started yelling at tapping the window saying “elk, elk, elk” over and over. I was laughing so hard at how excited Vicki was that I barely even got to see the elk. Today I went to VBS and then went and worked on Kenny’s house. It was 110 degrees today and we had no shade, but working was still so much fun as always. Tomorrow is our last full day here and it is so hard to believe. I’ve gotten to know some wonderful people and I am looking forward to getting to know them better throughout the rest of our trip.

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