Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Mary White

Yesterday the group went to Yellowstone that was a twenty one hour day. The group left where we was staying at 4am. However it was will worth it because yesterday it started off great because I got to see the sunrise and a rainbow not that far apart. When the group got to Yellowstone my van got to see the first animal it was a buffalo. The whole van was really happy to see the first animal. After we saw the first buffalo there was a lot more buffalo. One of the buffalo that the van saw was walking in the middle of the road, or I should say all of the road. Also got to see an Elk and Antelope.While going thru Yellowstone we stop and seen Old Faithful shoot up in the air that was nice to see. Also to end yesterday I also got to see the sun set. So what other way to have a day off to see all of that to start and fisted. To start off the day I was at VBS. I ask one kid when her Birthday was and she was seven she didn’t know when her birthday was. Then I notice that one of the kids has a bracelets however it was a top of a stuff can that really surprised me that she called that a bracelets. After VBS I went to the church for lunch there was a vendor that was seat up to sell smoothies, coffee, lunch, and breakfast. The whole week we got smoothies from the vendor in return of that she wanted to do something for use so she made all of lunch. The lunch was very good it was hotdogs and baked beans. I told them thank you and I got a smoothie from Her and her husband the husband taught me a crow word and it was a hoe’ it’s means thank you in crow. After lunch some of us went to Kenny’s house to put screws in the new house floor. That job went by really fast then came back to the Cabins. Tonight Kenny’s sister is going to make us Indian tacos for dinner . I have to say this is something I looked forward to all week. I am so looking forward to see what tomorrows holds for me to see or due.

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