Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 6 | Amber Frame

Today we almost got finished painting that house we only have one whole side and a window to paint. Even though we were in the heat we really didn't pay attention to it. We were making songs about painting and hoping we wouldn't die because we were so high on the ladders. our group worked so hard together. after we were finished painting for the day we were cleaning up and the little boy john we met yesterday wanted to play football so i started throwing the football with him. it was so fun he loved every minute of it he was actually really good for his age. he threw a football better than i can he also caught almost every throw i threw to him and he is only in first grade. after we were done playing we went to Taco Johns and all of us ordered a prickly pear drink it was funny because Lori saw that it was taco Tuesday so of course we all had to get a taco the guy at the window thought we were crazy. today was absolutely great and even though i was terrified of being so high on the ladder i did it any way because that is what God would want me to do. Now we are off to Yellowstone bright and early tomorrow.

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