Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 6 | Logan Gibson

We had an amazing group of kiddos at VBS again today. One little girl in particular, Phyllis, is the firecracker of the group. She is always climbing on something. Our lesson this morning was on Noah and the Ark and when Preston asked the kiddos what one animal they would bring on the ark with them, Phyllis said panda bears! After VBS, we headed back to the church to move rocks. I feel like I am back in Haiti passing bucket after bucket of concrete except this time we are tossing large rocks. My legs and back are probably going to be sore tomorrow, but we had a great time! Around 2 pm, Linda got us all slushes from a coffee truck. I had a strawberry one and it was the perfect refresher to help us finish out the job. When we placed the last rock, it was crazy to think that someone had touched every single rock in that area and some rocks had been touched by three or more people. We aren't sure how many rocks we dug out and moved but I would guess somewhere in the thousands. I am so impressed by all the youth on this trip. We worked hard all day in the blazing sun and heat and I didn't hear anyone complain. I’m very thankful that I am able to be here and serve this week.

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