Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Amber Frame

Yesterday we made our way to Yellowstone bright and early in the morning. It was a long trip but it was well worth it. We were so excited when we saw our first buffalo but then we saw herds and herds of them and it got less exciting until the buffalo was walking right on the road. That buffalo acted like he owned the road he knew everyone was watching him and he had traffic backed up forever. After we waited 15 minutes for the buffalo we made our way to Old Faithful. It was a hour and 30 minute wait for a 2 minute thing but it was worth it. after that we made our way back to camp another long trip but we played cars for most of the time I won three of the four games. Today was also great we finished up the house we were painting after three days. The owner of the house was so happy with our work she kept bringing out watermelon and she also gave us a bag full of Mary Kay stuff. That was her way to thank us even though we didn't need anything from her. You could feel the joy from her she has had a rough life and she needed some help. We also fixed her clothes line because it had been tore down. Then we screwed in a window that had been broke. We also got a toy out of a tree for the little girl for the second time. It was a great time serving the Lord and I'm so glad i could make someone happy.

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