Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Logan Gibson

Yesterday we went to Yellowstone National Park. Even though it was my fourth trip, I was still amazed at all the beautiful scenery and landscapes. Bill nicknamed me “hawkeyes” as a joke because I couldn’t spot any of the wildlife until we stopped the vans and got out to look for it. We were in the vans for over 20 hours, but it was an awesome trip! Today we had VBS again and several of our regular kiddos brought their siblings or friends which was great! At the end of the morning, none of them wanted us to leave. We can’t wait to go back tomorrow morning and in the evening for the carnival. After VBS, we went to Kenny’s house to screw down his flooring. We knocked the job out in just over an hour. Jerusha, Kenny’s wife, came out while we were working and told us it was 109 degrees! We were all pretty toasty! Once we finished the flooring, we came back to camp and scrubbed down the bathrooms. They are probably as clean as they have ever been! Everyone pitched in and we also got all the VBS and carnival goodies sorted. Around 4:30 pm, Bill told me that Kenny’s sister was coming to make us Indian Tacos. When we got here, she showed us how to make the Navaho dough and let us roll it into balls. Then, I helped her daughter fry up the dough. I tried to write down all the steps and ingredients. I can’t wait to try and make the recipe when I get home. Someone is going to have to eat some of it though because the recipe is for 40 servings!

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