Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Eladio Mazon

Got to the camp at about 8:30 PM and we set up our cabin with 7 guys in it . It was pretty hot at the beginning but it cooled off when it got at about 10. The mosquitos were huge! I got up too early Sunday morning at 5 AM. And had to wander about and I went ahead and prayed and did my devotions for 2 days. Went to church AND they had an unusual way of having communion, they had the bread in cellophane on the top of the wine. I got to talk to a lot of new people and it was very enjoyable. By the time that we finished with lunch it was about 105 to 109 ; even the cows were looking for shade. We ended up going to Yellow Tail Dam for a swim , The youth got in the water and we had to cut it short because rain and violent winds came upon us. We are getting ready for Monday’s work and everybody is excited about that . We will be sorting out VBS stuff tonite and cleaning up before going to bed. Hoping that God will be there tomorrow.

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