Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Lori Dittman

Today was a great day! I started the day picking up trash in the park with our entire crew. It was good to see the park clean for the kids and we had a fun time doing it! At the church we moved rocks…a lot of rock, but once again this crew makes a task enjoyable. I was pulled off the “rock quarry” to go paint for a very nice lady, Colleen. We were short on ladders so we painted what could be reached, and improvised to reach other places. Colleen and her three sweet grandsons also helped us paint. She asked us what where we were going next. I told her we were going back to West Virginia and start some projects. Colleen shared one of her dreams is to build small houses for people. One of the things I am blessed by on mission trips is the opportunities to talk with people that I meet and those that are on this trip with me. To hear their stories and to have time to listen is a blessing. My painting crew was fantastic. It was a hot day! I don't know the temperature, but sometimes the paint would begin drying on the brushes. We are getting taller ladders tomorrow and should finish. Miss you. Thank you for your continued prayers! Love to all. I am very thankful!

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