Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Mickey Skeens

First actual day of work and it was a hot one. The temperature stayed around 100-105 today, and no shad where we were working. My crew was to remove a section of stone around the church and take out the weeds and then lay filter fabric down to keep the weeds from growing back. There is around 150 ton of stone that had to be removed, fortunately we had a skid steer to work with. I was in it for the most of the day (Rob Flint it brought back many memories of our job in Burnsville). We were able to get about half of it done today with the anticipation of completing it tomorrow and moving on to the next job. I had a great group to work with, never knew you could have so much fun chucking rocks from one pile to another and then putting them back again. Marcy I miss and love you, kiss the girls for me.

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