Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Emily Conley

We made it to the Crow Nation! Yesterday we arrived, unloaded the vans, and settled into our cabins for the night. My cabin is very prepared with an adequate amount of bug repellent even though the mosquitoes got me good before I even made it to the cabin! They’re seriously unreal. This morning we went to church and heard Kenny Prettyontop Jr. preach. We arrived back at the camp only to get back in the van with our swimsuits to head to Yellowtail Dam. The water was pretty cold, and it ended up being super rough on our swim back in because a storm was rolling in, but it was still fun. When we got back, Jarren and Bill grilled hamburgers for dinner, and Preston and I serenaded them with our ukuleles while they cooked; I think we’re getting pretty good if I say so myself. I’m so excited to finally get to work tomorrow and to see how God will use me this week to show His love and build His kingdom.


  1. Have had trouble commenting so hope this works, a bit challenged you might say. Have loved seeing all the blogs and broadcasts, so thanks to all who are sharing. So thankful for safe teavels for everyone. Looking forward to hearing about your first work day. Drink lots of water and use that bug spray. Much love and many prayers, Mom

  2. keep them straight out there and on task kiddo!