Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Vern Frame

Since we didn't blog yesterday I will talk a little bit about our trip to yellowstone. Lets just say the 19 hour drive was worth every second of it. From the excitement of seeing our first animal to the beautiful landscape that God created. Being Old Faithful erupt was neat and brought up conversations in the van on the ride home on what blocks it and just happens to let loose at around the same time. Today we finished Colleens house. She was so pleased with it and very thankful. I cannot say enough about the crew I got to work with. We all engaged in singing and conversation as well as helping each other. We prayed with Colleen and some of her grandkids before we left. She asked for prayer for her grandson who was burnt when he was younger and has to have releases every so often as he grows. Something my family knows some about. She is the kind of women and is always helping others so before I left i wiped out a few odd and ends that she needed done like putting up her cloths line and putting in the window she needed. It has been a great week serving God.

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