Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Logan Morlan

Well i started out in VBS today playing music, it wasn't bad but i have a problem starting out each day in VBS. Usually on mission trips Russell, Tyler, myself and several (certain) others don't join the VBS crews, normally we are sent straight to the project sights without delay and told to get things started. It has always been that system for years and now i find myself wrestling against my desire to work. I know that God is trying to teach me something but its getting harder and harder to keep my mind focused on God’s lesson when MY desire is to jump into the work. I hope that i don't spend the whole week wrestling so hard that i miss out on the miracles in front of me.


  1. Oh my dear sweet Logan, you have such a wonderful heart for helping others that I am sure it is hard for you to not to have your hands and muscles at work. Others that have been around you for a long time see these other talents and gifts that God has given you and I believe that He wants you to see how many different ways God can use us all. I am sure that the children are loving your music and they love you as you are so good with kids. You are like the Pied Piper and can get the children's attention easier than a lot of us. Just keep praying your way through the battle and know that I am also praying for you! I love you son and am so proud of the man you have become and I look forward to your return and your stories!

  2. I so agree with your momma Logan!! I couldn't have said it any better.