Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Preston Allison

WE FINALLY WORKED!!! Today was a great day! We started the day off eating breakfast at 7:00. After breakfast we headed to the park where VBS would be held. We picked up tonsssss of trash and straighten up the park for an hour or so. Then those of us who were not a part of the VBS for the first day left and went to the church site. At the church site we picked up loads and loads of rocks that were behind the church and “ stacked “ them in the parking lot. After about an hour and a half some of us went to the house site where we painted and painted and painted! It was so much fun! The homeowner came out and helped and before we left she gave us some watermelon. We came back to the camp site and I did some weed eating around the grounds..( hopefully the mosquitos will leave! ) Can’t waiter dinner Logan is making homemade mac and cheese!! Excited for tomorrow because we will finish painting the house.

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