Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Logan Morlan

Well today was pretty awesome we got to go to the church and hear Kenny preach/ lead worship, he is a very skilled musician. Then after church we went out to eat and then we headed back to the camp to try and locate a swimming hole known as YellowTale. It has been many many years since I went there in fact the last time I was there I had Micah by my side; our last mission together; brings back some memories. When we went today to swim the wind was insanely strong and it made it kinda hard to swim; one kid was swimming in the water and a boat got caught in the wind and almost hit him. He started screaming for help and then like a real life super man Jarren dove in after him; he swam out to save this kid and it was truly an amazing sight. He didn't even know this kid but he didn't care, he just reacted and even though a boat beat Jarren to this boy (only by a second) he still continued to swim toward him to make sure that he could get aboard. There are a lot of people in this world who claim to be heroes/ role models and declare that they should be admired for their efforts, but today my brother Jarren was a true hero and a real inspiration to me. Im glad i got to see my brother try to help someone; YellowTale may just be a swimming hole to some but for me its a lake full of amazing memories.

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