Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 5 | Jarren Morlan

Our first full day and it was HOT!!! However, it was beyond a blessing. We started out the day working and cleaning up the park for the VBS for the week. Logan Gibson and I tried to win the prize of “Fullest Trash-bag” which we dominated and even collected a Bike Tire!!! After cleaning up the park, the majority of our group began removing rocks from the church; however, my group would have to leave before completion so such a “SOLID” project. My personal group traveled to a nearby town and were supposed to paint a 2 story house for a lovely lady named Colleen (spelling may be wrong). She is a nice, caring lady who raises her grandkids while her daughter recently underwent surgery on her foot and moved in with Colleen for the time being. The kids were high strung, and playing the entire time we worked, they enjoyed jumping on the trampoline, paying with the water hose and even wrestling like Turtles. The kids eventually wanted to assist painting the house; however, they couldn't reach too high, but we loved their effort. Colleen even helped the majority of the time painting and talking to us about the area, answering questions, and providing personal stories of her life and her grandkids. You could tell she is a proud Grandmother. We painted the house to the best of our abilities, we only had 1 ladder so Jordan Skidmore sat on my shoulders for a while so we could reach higher. Logan Gibson and I stood on the roof for the longest time painting as high and far as we could reach from our standing place on a wooden shingled roof. It was so much hotter on the roof than the ground so Logan and I drank A LOT of water; however, I still felt dehydrated by the end of the day. Our group had to stop production because it was time to disperse; however, we had accomplished so much today at the house and I was beyond proud of my group and so glad the Lord has blessed me with such hard workers today. I look forward to tomorrow's activities, even though we will be without shade and on ladders the entire time. It will be a good time for sure! Love you all and thank you for your prayers.

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