Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 4 | Mary White

Today was out first full day in Montana. We attended church and had communion. There communion is a lot different from ours back at home instead of having it together. We had communion by our self also had to walk up to get it, however it was very nice to have communion a different way. Also there church family was very friendly and welcoming to have us there. After church we went to get some lunch some of us ate at pizza hut , at this pizza hut today there was only one person getting table and fixing the food. I order a pasta and a salad I got my salad but I never got my pasta so for lunch I was very blessed that some of the group shared there food with me. I didn't have to pay for my lunch. However there was one great thing that happen some of us took a trip to Yellow Tail Dam it was very beauty I took a lot of pictures can't wait to show you'll when I get back. Please contine to pray for me and the rest of the group. I want to give a shout out to my Monday night class thinking about you all and miss all of you.

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