Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8 | Brent Dittman

We went to Yellowstone yesterday which was fun but also kinda boring because there wasn't much to do once we got there. We did get to see Old Faithful go off though so it was a total waste. We also stopped at some of the Hot Springs along the road on the way home. Today we finished up three jobs and got smoothies from the church truck again which I got strawberry again. We also started another job but I don’t think we’re gonna go back to it but we might so it’s a Mystery in Montana. Kenny’s wife is making our dinner tonight, she’s making Indian Tacos which i’ve heard are really good. Kenny is also gonna play and sing more songs tonight like he did Tuesday. I hope we get to have a campfire tonight will Kenny sings and plays. Tomorrow is the last day we’re here then we start the long 3 day journey back to WV. I love and miss everyone at home and can’t wait to see everyone.


  1. So I take it from your post that you didn't see a buffalo? At least you can now say, "Yellowstone...yeah, I've been there."

  2. At least you saw some buffalo!! We need a buffalo on Dittman Hill. I'm really missing you but glad you had this opportunity. Love you, Nana