Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 14 | Tyler Morlan

As I sit here thinking about what all has happened this past week I can’t help but be reminded of past missions I have been on. I look back to my first trip to Montana when I was only 13 and seeing all the older youth work so hard to keep a reputation that had preceded them. My only thought was will we be able to carry that and pass it on. Over the years we have kept ahold of that reputation and have always finished every job and more than what was expected. Sadly I missed the point it took me fourteen years to realize this but that was never the meaning behind a mission trip. A mission trip is not solely on what all gets accomplished through work projects; it is not measured by blocks laid, houses built or concrete poured. The mission trips we have been on are about lives changed and not only the lives of the ones we serve but ours as well. This is most likely the last time I will be on a mission trip with Russell, Logan, and Kenton. We have been on many of these together and we have discussed how we missed the meaning behind the trips over the years by being so focused on exceeding expectations. Luckily the youth realize this now. As they were sharing tonight about what meant the most to them not one said the house we built or the church being finished but instead the children who lives were changed at VBS, the family who received a new home, and how they themselves were personally changed. God has truly blessed our church with great youth who have a heart to serve, to step out of the comfort zone and come to a nation like Haiti to join in his work here.

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