Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 14 | Bronlynn Morlan

I am such a blessed woman! I am not a regular on the mission trips but when I get to go some of my favorite memories are watching God work through my family and friends. I don’t add much to the work force and they don’t let me too close to the small children without doing a pat-down and a luggage search but I love to do what I can. Bill has such a passion for mission work and it has been passed down to our sons and I pray that it will be a passion for generations to come, and they will also want to travel to places where they can serve others. I know God has some big things in store for my family in the near future with additions to the family and growth in ministries. I am so excited to see what God is going to do and I feel ready for whatever it may be. Thanks for following us as we journeyed and your prayers are what made all this possible. I count it a privilege to call you my family and friends. I love you all and I will see you sometime Friday.

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