Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 2 | Paul Summers

I had a pretty good day today, except for the minor issues that arose from being in a seat that is built exactly the right size…for some one five foot six. The snacks make up for this (Thanks for the pepperoni rolls, Maresa). The atmosphere in the van is surprisingly quiet, due to the amount of sleep everyone but me gets. I read or watch the cornfields and windmills go by (492 cornfields, 1,386 windmills).


  1. My pleasure, Paul! Gotta feed my boy! Especially since your mom packed Kale chips. 😉 (I love you Wendy)

  2. my thoughts exactly same as marisa's! you need some will easily be burning your weight in pepperoni rolls. Are you sure you didn't miss a windmill??
    sherri j