Thursday, June 20, 2019

Day 4 | Becka Campbell

Today was another hot one, but a great work day. Every day our crew has found a new gear and worked very hard in the heat. Juanita and her family need a lot of work done on their home; so many different areas that are broken or destroyed. It is very difficult to only work on parts of a home that I know I wouldn't want to walk into let alone live in. I can't imagine the difficulty that the staff here with Samaritans Purse have to handle when deciding how much work will get done at each home. I ask you to continue to pray for the staff here that are working tirelessly to return people to their homes. There is a large staff here (I think about 20) that work in a variety of roles including replacing manufactured homes and home repairs. It is so neat to watch God at work here.

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