Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 2 | Adison Garavaglia

I spent the day at the job site we started at yesterday, and although we did not have the help of a second crew, as we did yesterday, we still got a lot done. All of the bedrooms have at least a two coats of paint, the kitchen cabinets are up, some of the doors have been installed, and the bathrooms are starting to be set up. The house owner is also going to be receiving some squeaky clean stairs after one of us fell while painting and paint was spilled out an open window onto the stairs. We scrubbed and scrubbed until the stairs were as clean as we could get them. During the scrubbing, I learned a little more about some of my fellow church members and really enjoyed the time I spent with them. The Lord definitely blessed us with another good day of work and more wonderfully paint-stained hands.

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