Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 2 | Paul Summers

Imagine for a moment that you are experiencing an earthquake. Now imagine trying to sleep while the earthquake is taking place. That is what it is like sleeping on these bunk beds. They are made of aluminum and look and feel like they were engineered by a second class scout. I was looking across at Heath and Bill’s bunk, and it was looking like the leaning tower of pisa for a while, but so far nobody has tipped over. You can be sure that I will report it if anything happens. One of the things I enjoy about these mission trips is that I always learn something new. Whether it is how to put on a shingle or tin roof, landscape with rocks, or paint floor trim, I truly enjoy learning a new skill. The latter was today’s lesson. Our crew leader, Tim, patiently demonstrated how to carefully hold the brush so it wouldn’t put paint on the wall or the floor, and how to go at the proper speed so that it would neither dry nor stretch the paint too far. A skill learned today is a skill you won’t have to learn tomorrow when the need arises.

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