Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 3

Getting ready to head to our first day of clinic for the week. We were told to expect about 1500 patients over the duration of the week.

Had a very good day yesterday at a church service down towards the city. Pastor Mark delivered an excellent sermon. As you looked around the sanctuary you could see tears in the eyes of several people sitting there listening to the translation. I had a unique experience as I started to film portions of the service. As I was holding the videocamera, I looked out of the corner of the eye and I was being photographed while I was taping the service. I figured that was fair.

Yesterday there was a scheduled power outage in the afternoon. Apparently someone from our team turned on the shower, since there was no power, there was no water. After that, they forgot if they had turned it off or not. Yesterday evening, the entire first floor of our dorm was flooded including all of Pastor Mark and Darlene's clothes. We all pitched in and everyone grabbed a broom, mop, squeegee, shopvac, fans, and this morning they have a dry floor. There were clothes dryers available as well, so everything is good. I'll have to encourage Pastor Mark to elaborate on all of his experiences here. I see he happened to leave out one of the more memorable events of yesterday in his blog. :)

Headed out shortly, have a great day!

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  1. I am extremely glad you all made it there safe without any problems. It's exciting to read the blogs you are posting about your trip. It would be awesome if you could post some pictures after your day in the village with patients.

    @ Darlene, I told the class you posted that they have a great week and they wanted me to pass the message along that they miss you and say hello.