Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday | Jerri Oney

Last day. We were so humbled yesterday when we went to a little boy's house. He came to the clinic the day before to get his eyes checked and he was literally almost blind. The family was very poor even by Hondurian standards and could not afford $40.00 for his glasses. Our group leader, Butch, arranged for him to get a real Opthalmologic exam and the glasses ended up costing $200.00 (at cost) because he had such needs. The ministry is going to buy them for him. We went to visit his family after clinic yesterday. He has 2 sisters and a brand new baby brother. The floor was uneven dirt and the house had 2 rooms. The kitchen was outside covered by a tarp and they have no water at all. They walk 5 blocks just to use someone else's bathroom and 7 blocks to wash clothes. We took them food yesterday. We such a great group - we work together so well and have had so much fun together. It is SO rewarding getting to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help these poor people. They wait all day long in the sun and are just SO appreciative. I will miss everyone we have grown close to this week. Off we go to see another 300+ today communicating with our very broken "Spanglish". It hilarious what comes out sometimes! Thank you for your prayers. God us good! Jerri

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