Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 3 | Dr. Mark and Becky Waddell

Hello Church Family!

Today was a very good day! What a blessing it was to serve with our fellow brothers and sisters from GBC as well our new friends. The day went smoothly. Eric, in a personal best, filled over 600 prescriptions and even tutored Pastor Mark in the art and science of Pharmacy. (Eric says he shows real promise.) Over 230 people were ministered to with health care today and 58 of those received Christ as their Savior!! Our family size has increased and God has given that increase. We praise Him for the work that He has allowed us to participate in.

Dr. Mark and Becky

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  1. Wow 600 prescriptions!! Dont teach Pastor mark to much or he might take my job here at the Hospital!! :) Praying for all of you!!!