Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 3 | Jerri Oney

We saw 264 patients today in about 7 hours! They came by the family - not one at a time. We practiced medicine like it's supposed to be-without fear of law suits and very little paper work. The people were so humble and appreciative and the children were just beautiful. Mark and Eric were medicine machines! Cindy had her "first spanish conversation" and she "understood both words!!!" She was trying to say thank you and said you're welcome instead! Oh - and ask her how well fiber one bars work - better yet ask her how 2 of them work!! We had a whale of a bus ride to the village where our clinic was - up the mountain @ 20mph and down @ 80 mph. It was a faith builder for sure. It was a good and productive day and the best part - 58 people accepted Christ as their savior - wow - praise the Lord for His awesome work!

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  1. Hey Jerri, Cindy & the gang, I'm doing my best to keep up with you all. The prison fire is so tragic. Love the blogs. No new ones this morning. Am praying for your work there and your safety.