Friday, June 29, 2007

We welcome ya'll to the JH Ranch!

Hello GBC family! I'm pretty excited Eric Campbell set this thing up so that you can be informed about what all God is doing around the globe, particularly this summer. Jarren and I are doing well as I am sure he will contribute to this blog in the future; however, I probably see him more at home than I do out here. It's kind of bittersweet to know that my time here at the Ranch is almost expired, but the Lord has definitely taught be a lot out here this summer.

For the most part I have been working on Programs Staff at the Scott River Lodge (this is just a "hyped-up"job title that basically means I do most of the maintenance work around the lodge). This is a new addition to the JH Ranch this summer in that the Husband/Wife Programs spend their entire week off the ranch and at the Scott River Lodge. It's an amazing place and it's incredible to see God restoring and strengthening marraiges out here. In fact we as a staff have been lifting up a fellow staff member's parents who had been separated for 2 years and were currently going through a divorce. A few days ago this staff guy informed us that his older brother randomly called him the other day to inform him that his dad had come back home and that he felt the Holy Spirit literally healing their marraige! Praise God! It's times like these that God just graciously shows us how soveriegn He is!

As most of you know already (because of mom) God opened the opportunity for me to lead Trac II Bikes this past session of Second Wind, which concluded yesterday. During this program, myself and three other coaches (2 females and another male) led 39 high school students on a 109 mile bike ride to the Pacific Coast...and this is where I am goin to leave you hanging...the dinner bell just rang...I will conclude at a later time. Know that God is doing amazing things out here, in Africa, in Montana and of course at Gassaway Baptist Church and I cannot wait to hear all that is going on back home!
God Bless,

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