Thursday, July 5, 2007

1 Week Left

The title is no lie. I absolutely have one week left here at the ranch before my mom, dad and brother come and pick me up. I cannot believe how fast these 7 1/2 weeks have gone and how much God has truly transformed my way of thinking, responding and living. It's insane to think that we as Christians believe that we can go anywhere with the expectation of serving others and remain unchanged! Last summer was definitely an eye-opener; however, this summer has truly been transformational. Hopefully I will get a chance to write on this one more time before next Thursday, but for now I will fill you in as best I can.

Jarren has been at the river for the last 6 days---thus he is probably on cloud 9 in the sense that guiding is what he's wanted to praise God for that opportunity to minister! I have been working on what we like to call "Wrangler Breakfast" for the past few days. This is where fathers and their daughters (Current program: Father/Daughter) have the opportunity to horseback ride up on top of this mountain to watch the end of a sunrise and eat breakfast. However, this breakfast is no ordinary breakfast. I, along with two wranglers, fix omelets, biscuits and bacon for them over the fire. The long hours of watching The Food Network has definitely come in handy. In all seriousness it's a great opportunity to minister and serve the guests in a different way even if it requires my alarm to be set at 5:00 am every morning. When I am not doing Wrangler Breakfast, I am working the High Ropes course here at the ranch, specifically the 757. It's cool because I have had the opportunity to pray with several dads before their ascension of this 50 foot pole in which they are required to jump and grab a trapeze in mid-air.

Temperature today: 105 F

Please be in prayer for this coming week in that we will have approximately 400 high school students from around the world (specificallly Israel) come to Second Wind Session II. It will be chaos to say the least, but as God has shown me time and time again, our chaos is opportunity for God to show His power and complete control and authority. He literally brings us to a place of desperation and dependency for strength. I praise Him for that! He is faithful!

Cannot wait to come home and hear about all that God has done and is doing at GBC. I will be praying for VBS and Airborne as it is underway this coming week. Mexico is in a couple I am assuming. I am going on that trip and I don't even know the dates for it...very excited about that as well...


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